What happens when you love someone you can't have? You retaliate. That is what 17 year Mariana has chosen. But will the brother of her lover be the one she really needs?


1. How It Happened.

What do you do when you love someone you cant have? cant lay with at night? Hold hands in front of the people you hate to make them jealous? You retaliate... My Name Is Mariana, and i am retaliating.

I've always been the type of girl who hides her feelings, but i cant anymore i have to do something. I've been dating this guy for months. I really love him i do but theirs a problem, he lives a country away. he used to live here in the UK. that's where we met, but a few weeks ago his mom decided to move to Malibu with her rich new husband. Damian and I decided to keep dating, he promised it would all be okay. It hasn't been okay. Damian's brother, Alex, has been a best friend to me since i moved here and he tells me everything. The bad part, the last thing he told me was that Damian cheated on me.

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