Turned into best friends.

Jeppe - We met through One Direction. We didn't like each other, we hated each other. But like everything else it all changed and one day I was standing there, in love with the guy that I once hated.


1. prologue

Okay! I must admit I had many choices in my life. I was best friends with the guys in One Direction. I appeared in the newspapers, when I happened to be on a picture with Harry or Liam for example. I was their friend and nothing more. Yet, I early ended up on the first page. 
"Emma's Nialls girlfriend." 
"Now Emma has selected Louis." 
"Harry comforted Emma after Louis has thrown her out of the house." 
Everything was lies. I was never in love with them and I chose to live a more normal life. I was just their friend and nothing more.


It all started when I turned eighteen. In Sweden, it's the age where you get to go into pubs, go to discos and one can be more out in the night than before. I had taken my driving license and I had realized that I was an adult. I was the girl who had the whole world in front of me.
"We have to celebrate!" exclaimed Harry via Skype. I saw the other guys in the background and Louis agreed, from behind.
"Come on Emma? We are in Sweden next week and then we just must find out something special for you."
I smiled at them. I missed them already and I looked forward to seeing them again.
"Stockholm or what?" I asked. I saw Louis 's face pop up.
"Or should we come to you?"
I sighed. I saw how my mom was sitting on the couch reading the paper. We lived in an apartment and we barely had room for a party. I also had two small siblings who were anything but funny, when One Direction appeared.
"No, not here!"
Louis loved my family, but he understood me.
"We send a train ticket and pick you up at the station." he continued. "The hole weekend and then you come on Friday and stay until Sunday."
"We arrange a hotel room for you!" I heard Liam shout. I laughed and I felt how the whole stomach tingled. 
Harry smiled at you. 
"We miss you. It goes too long between our meetings and you're the only one who understand us."
I laughed and blushed at the same time. I had many nights comforted them, talked to them and I had solved many of their problems. They were the best friends I could have and I loved them so much. 
"May I see you live, too?" 
Liam's face appeared. He played like he didn't understand me. 
"Isn't it enough to see us?" 
I grinning. 
"Yes, but it was so long ago that I went to your concert." 
Harry snorted at Liam and pushed him away. 
"We promise that you will see us perform as well." He sneezed against Liam. "Leave her alone!" 
I smiled. 
"Okay, and whats new?" 
Harry pondered and then his face lit up. 
"Well we will have with us a friend from Denmark, an equally old friend that you are, and he might show up. But that's okay?" 
I nodded. 
"You may take with you as many friends as you want."


A day later came the tickets. Mom looked surprised, but I sighed and quickly took the tickets from her. 
"The guys seed them!" 
She nodded a little bit. 
"Yes, you're eighteen years so you may do as you like, but take it easy." 
She knew I always took it easy. I was known as the quiet girl who said what she thought. 
"Sure!" I mumbled quickly and disappeared into my room. The truth was that I was anything but calm. It would be great fun to see them again. I looked forward to it.

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