big city

this story is about a girl cathy who is from a poor background comes to new york to find some work for a better future.she finally finds a job in a cafe.she met a boy john working with him.they both fall in love with each other.will their relationship continue?or will they end up living their life as they were?find in the story.


2. chapter 2

next morning cathy woke up early to find work. she visited many small clothes shop where she could work as a sales girl.she even visited many grocery shops where she could work at the billing counter but unfortunately she was rejected by everyone."seriously life in a big city is not easy for the poor"she thought to herself and with more confidence moved on because now there was turning back.finally she saw a cafe with a sign board sunsky cafe. with more enthusiasm and more self confidence she headed into the cafe.she got a jolt when she saw the same boy who helped  her yesterday.forgetting him but how could she forget? she moved on to the owner of the cafe to ask him for the job.the owner of the shop refused her but then cathy was reminded of her parents word"WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY" she requested the owner but he was not ready to listen. cathy walked out of the shop the ego of cathy impressed owner and she  got the job in the cafe.the owner told cathy tha she could work from tomorrow and she will be paid $5 a day. for cathy it was her best moment in life.the moment which she could never ever forget.cathy wanted wanted to give a grand feast but no she had no money after all .she envisioned that one day she will be the owner of the most famous cafe she would own 5 rolls royce, she would have five mansions with a big swimming pools and 3 heli pads but for all things she has to work to make her dreams come true.but on the other side she could not forget about the boy!!she saw him everywhere even in her dreams .she was now in love with the boy

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