Pageant queen Allie meets pop star Harry Styles at one of her pageants. He falls instantly in love with her, but she starts to persuade herself to like him too. Allie is spoiled, can Harry teach her not to be? "You're so stubborn." Harry laughed. "No I'm not!" I said playfully.


2. His Flat

As I got out of the car I couldn't move. "Harry! My dress! It's stuck!" I called to him. He came rushing over and helped me. "There you go love." He said. I said "thanks." His green eyes were beautiful. We got to the door and opened it. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, stared at my with their mouths open. "A girl!" Yelled Niall. "Hey I'm Allie." I told them. "I love your dress and your face." Said Louis. "Back off Louis she's mine!" He laughed. "Allie go change out of your dress and come back down when you are done." Harry told me. "Okay." I said. As I was upstairs I heard them whispering. "She is gorgeous!" Whispered Liam. "I think we can all agree on that!" Zayn whispered. They all nodded. "She is really spoiled, her mom got mad at her for winning runner up so she came home with me." Harry told them. "We'll can she stay with us?" Asked Niall. "Yeah I think she will stick around." Harry said. I walked down the stairs with my PJ's on, and once again they stared. Soon everyone was in there PJ's. "Let's play 21 questions!" Suggested Louis. "Ok. Umm Allie! Do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked me. "No." I said. "How do you not have one!?" Harry shouted. "I don't know." I said "Ok who in this room has a girlfriend or is getting married?" I asked. Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry raised there hand. "Oh Harry and who would that be?" I asked him."you" he smirked. I laughed. I started to fall for him. As I gazed into his eyes Niall yells "She likes you!" "Yea I kinda do." I told him. Everyone looked at Harry and I. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked me. "Sure." I said. I really did like him. His eyes were just immaculate. Everything about him was perfect. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" They chanted. I kissed him. "Wow" said harry. We laughed. "You guys are like my best friends." I told them. "Do you want to live with us?" Niall asked. "Yea please!" Harry said. "Okay." I told them. "You know I don't want to be in pageants anymore." I told them. "You don't!?" Harry said. "And I'm calling my mom and telling her right now!" They said ok. As it ringed It picked up. "So mom, how did I do at the pageant?" I asked her. "Terrible you got runner up. I payed so much money, that was a waste." Everyone looked shocked. "We'll I guess I'm not pretty then" I told her trying not to laugh. "Nope I guess not sweetie," she said. Harry grabbed the phone. "She is beautiful and if you don't think your own daughter is pretty you must be blind and crazy!" He shouted. "Allie who is this... Boy...!! What did I tell you about boys!? They are no good!" She shouted. "That boy is my boy friend." I told her. "Break up with him now or I will take you out of pageants!" She yelled. "Never! I love him. And I'm done with pageants. And I'm now living with my boy friend and his friends who are now my best friends!" They all smiled especially Harry. "Ok then you are done with pageants!" She yelled. "Bye!!!" We all screamed. Then she hung up on me. Niall's laugh was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing harry had to sit me up off the floor. "She loves to laugh!" Niall said. Niall and I were laughing away. They even started video taping us laughing, we were literally on the floor. They posted it on Twitter. Haha then so the world would know we were dating, Harry and I took a selfie. "My girlfriend Allie!" He posted. Then just like that word got around to management and magazines and fans!

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