Pageant queen Allie meets pop star Harry Styles at one of her pageants. He falls instantly in love with her, but she starts to persuade herself to like him too. Allie is spoiled, can Harry teach her not to be? "You're so stubborn." Harry laughed. "No I'm not!" I said playfully.


4. Hazza Bear and Allie Cat

Harry is my Hazza Bear. "And you're my Allie cat!" Harry said. I laughed at him. Allie Cat..... Okay.... Haha. Or Harold. "Or Alexandria." Harry said. "Alexandria isn't even my name!" I shouted to him. "Allie." "What" "hey Allie" "go away" "hey" "I don't like you" "I'm just gonna cut this short" Harry said.. "Wanna cuddle?" He asked. "Hazza bear!!" We were intertwined. "I want to stay like this forever." He said. "Yea-" then all of a sudden here comes the boys tackling us. "I hope we didn't interrupt something." Louis laughed. We blushed. "Nope.. Not.. A.. Thing.." I laughed. "Go.Away.You.Annoying.Pests." Harry said. "Okay! Have fun!! But .. Never mind!" Liam laughed. We stayed there for the whole day.. It was perfect.

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