Inspired by Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper"


4. Reaching for you and I

I discussed my theory with him when we were laying on our bed, getting ready to sleep. He agreed. Lucifer had lured us and all the other angels present in hell into a trap with promises of love and happiness, something he knew was impossible to give

I sat, staring into one of the neverdying pits of fire. My mind lingered on love. I'd been with him for... A year now, I think. It's difficult to keep track of time in hell. I realized it about three months ago. I'd fallen in love with him. I told him that afterwards. He'd smiled impossibly wide and drawn me into his arms. He'd held me like that for a while. Then he'd whispered something into my neck. His answer had brought an even bigger smile to my face. Later that night, he'd taken me away from the little town. We'd walked for a while before he stopped and gestured for me to follow him down a hole. An incredible feeling had suddenly coursed through me. I felt the aether wrap around me once again and I sighed in relief as I felt my wings be released for the first time since I'd arrived. 

"You're beautiful," he'd said. We stayed there all night.


I woke to him getting out of bed. He told me that I should just go back to sleep. I asked him where he was going. "I'm just going for a walk," he said. I nodded slowly. I don't remember how I fell asleep, but when I woke up again, I heard commotion outside. It sounded like the voices of a large group of people. I dressed and hurried out of the door. Sometimes when I think back, I wish I'd stayed inside, because there he was, with Lucifer at his side. Lucifer smiled as he saw me. He lightly slapped his shoulder. As I made eyecontact with him, I mouthed 'what's going on?'. His expression changed from happy to guilty a split second, but then he mouthed something back. 'I'm free'. Before sincoukd do anything else, Lucifer cleared his throat.

"I'm quite proud to announce that this young man has now been permitted to go back to his residence in the west! Tell them what they can do to get out, my boy!" Lucifer bellowed and opened his arms to the crowd that was steadily growing.

"I..." He said, hesitating. He glanced at me, briefly locking his eyes with mine.

"I've succesfully made one of my fellow angels fall in love with me and will, with this announcement, break her heart." A single thought ran through my head on repeat;'This can't be true! Please don't...'

He then looked at me and opened his mouth.

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