Inspired by Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper"


1. Fire, smoke and dust

My arms felt so heavy. My sight was blurry and I constantly tripped over my feet. The men yelled at me every time I fell and their voices were so loud, so loud. I looked over my shoulder, wishing it wasn't true, but the sight that met me crushed all hope I'd had of it being a dream, or more so, a nightmare.

the night behind me had been ripped open, red flowing from the open wound in the sky. The roaring inferno licked the stars as it slowly swallowed my home whole. I could hear the daughter of the weaponsmith crying and her father threadening a guard. He'd yanked her chain too hard for his liking. A small smile pressed on the corners of my mouth, desperate to get out. I didn't let it out since I couldn't grasp why it had appeared in the first place. Maybe it was because Theeba had actually yelled at one of these men... Could it be hope? I don't know.


The sun had just kissed the treetops goodbye when they had arrived, yelling and screaming at us to cooperate. They were many, hundreds, I think. All were carrying weapons far superior to what we had at the time, since our army were out protecting another border. Not many soldiers were left to guard our capital, if you could call it that. Since the chieftan resided in it, I guess it's the only proper title. 

The sight alone was terrifying. I remember looking one of them dead in the eye. It felt like I had been encloded in ice. They were so cold. That man didn't care if we lived or died, he had been possessed by a demon. I was terrified.

"Welcome to hell" he said, and I believed him.


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