Why is There so Much Blood

All I see is blood as I am looking for my friends, once I find them I realize that we are not alone, we are in battle. No. We are in war, it's a war between us and the zombies. The zombies that surround the area that my friends and I are in. Will we win this war?


3. Fixing the bite

We get Emily over to safe place and look at her bite. -it doesn't look to bad- I thought. "Molly what do you think we should do?" "I don't know you guys are the zombie experts" "walkers" I mumble under my breath. "Umm ok uh we should err.. stay here and use what things we have to get her awake and to wash out her bite"

I was panicking my BEST friend was bitten I didn't really know what to do I was just doing what I thought was best. I never thought I would have to go through this. I mean at least not with Emily. "Molly do you have a rubber tie or hair band?" I asked thinking that hopefully the infection hasn't gotten all the way up her arm being she was only bitten on the hand. "Uhh yeah I do here" she handed me a hair band and I secured it right above her elbow. "Hopefully this will stop it from traveling up to her brain"

Hey guys sorry this one is so short I'm new at this if you couldn't tell but leave comments on what should happen to Emily should she turn or do we end up saving her?

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