Ella is a normal teenage girl well kind of normal. She always had one dream i.e performing but with an overprotective brother like Elliot Fintry who is said to be the biggest heartthrob of the NYC and also the owner of Platinum records would let her follow her dreams?
It ain't going to be as easy as she thought it would be. Soon Ella is going to turn 18 and all she wants is for her brother to let her go to London where she could live on her own BUT her brother has couple of conditions NO BOYS & NO FUNNY BUSINESS but with her tomboyish personality and a happy-go-lucky-nature would let her follow the rules?



Tomorrow I Ella Fintry will finally become an adult Tomorrow. I am finally going to be 18 and I can finally live my life I have now worries left no school no family problems no homework all I'm left with is my music I can't imagine the feeling right now. I looked to the mirror for the last time I changed into my leather pants and a white Beatles top with black doc martins I grabbed my car keys and left my apartment. It is actually unbelievable about how far had brought my father's company I'm very proud of him.

It still feels like it was yestardy when my brother was thrown out of the school because he was caught smoking pot, I still remember how angry Dad was he was so angry that my brother had no other option left other than enter rehab in Florida. When he came back he was actually not as different as we thought he would be he left smoking which we were all happy about. Soon Elliot my brother decided that he won't go back to high school and he would like to take over my father's company

None of us thought he could handle such big responsibility at such a young age everybody tried to talk to him me, mum, aunt Alice, almost everyone tried to talk him through it but you could blame on his gens being a brat is in his  genes later one night dad finally decided to give him the company but only for 6 months if he performed and handled the company wisely he could takeover dad's place after he retires

No one believed him and everybody thought he would gave up in a weak but shockingly he gave his best and now 'Platinum Records' is one of the biggest record labels  with many talented artists like Becky G, Cher Lloyd, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Bruno Mars. And after Elliot took over the company my Dad just didn't had anything to worry about so he decided him and Mum would go back to Mum's hometown Paris and spend their rest of lives their obviously they offered my but I didn't wanted to go as I have my rest of my life here my friends my school my band and mostly if I leave NYC I wouldn't be able to perform at Hellfire every weekend. Hellfire is a nightclub where I have been performing since I was 14. My friends and I snuck into the nightclub and had alcohol for the first time. After getting a bit tipsy I had got enough guts to volunteer to perform and next day I stayed home because of the killer hangover but later that day the owner of Hellfire turned out to be my dad's friend and her recognised me he offered me  that I should come every weekend and perform there I obviously had to agree later since then I have been performing there but I did got into trouble for going to club.

Anyways, I made my way through the reception "Could Morning Mam how may I help you to-Oh hi Ms Fintry how come?" Sarah said looking the through the papers. Sarahwho is surpassingly the receptionist of our company she got red hair she is probably in mid 30's well anyway. "Hi...uh well I was wondering if My brother is free right now?" I replied

"Well Mr. Fintry is free for next hour then he got a dat- perhaps nevermind yes he his free for next hour" this is one thing about Sarah she always seems to have foot in mouth disease.

"Date?" I raised an eyebrow

"Well I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about it"

"Don't worry Sarah just tell me where is he"

"Let me help you with that" Charlot interrupted us. Charlot is Elliot's manager her and Sarah joined the company when I was 15 they both have been best friend since and also working with our company. Charlot use to work for my father earlier but now she decided to work with Elliot.

"Oh My Charlot you're back" I said after hugging her

"Well it was just for a weekend duh" Charlot replied after mentioning her boyfriend Todd

"Aww...Look at you all smiley and giggly"

"Alryt alryt I would love to stay in chat but I have a job to do and Mr.Fintry said that if there's anyone who wants to meet him personally I should escort them for today"
"Is it because of Mimi?"

"Maybe ....but come one" Charlot replied.

Tomorrow is my birthday and for my birthday I am going to ask my brother for his permission to let me go to London. Since Mum and Dad doesn't live here anymore so he's my only guardian and family left here trust me he must be great companion to take on Parents Day but not so good on me going out of the country.


Charlot knocked the door "Mr. Fintry"

Elliot held his phone away from his ear and replied "Yes, Charlot"

"Sir, You have a visitor" She said pointing at me

"Yes trouble I was expecting you c'mon in and thank you Charlot" he said

Elliot was still on the phone and usually if it was business deal or something related to it he would walk out of the room. Elliot was talking different than normal I could hear him talking . He wasn't facing me but the truth is he always does it when he's talking to Mimi he thinks' that nobody could hear him.

"Yeah I got you"

"I know Babe "

"Yeah I did"

"Don't worry Love"

"alright Baby I got"

"I promise Baby"

"I have to go now"

"I love you too"

"Yeah bye"

He finally kept his Iphone down.

"Mimi?" I asked him

"How do you know?" He replied Mimi is the only girl that Elliot has ever been serious with and I have ever like. Shockingly they've have been known eachother since Rehab, Mimi volunteered there when Elliot was in Rehab. She always kind of liked him but as an Ass he is he never saw her feelings but when he came back Mimi was the only girl who supported him and in between they fell in love. She doesn't live here but she travels back in forth to meet Elliot.

"I have ears you idiot" I replied

"Whatever, By the way what do you want trouble?"

"You know what I want" I said

"See if you're here to ask me again about you going to London then my answer is No"

"Elliot I'm turning 18 and we talked about it earlier and you said that I could go to London only if---

"Only if you want to go there for a holiday" he completed sentence

"But why can't I go to London Dad would have let me go"

"Why do you want to go to London? and Dad would because he's Dad and am Me so I wouldn't"

"You know why I wanna go to London you and I we both know it's my favourite place because London is not just Dad's hometown it's also the place where he saw Mum for the first time"

"And yeah from there he followed her to Paris blah blah I get it but you all by yourself there how can I even trust you?" Elliot questioned me

"Please please Elliot let me go and I'll do anything you want me to do" I begged him

"Fine but only on two conditions"

"Yes" I screamed in excitement and satisfaction

"NO BOYS & NO FUNNY BUISNESS are we clear?" Elliot asked me

"Yes Yes" I screamed hugging him.

"alright trouble start packing I'm going to miss you" He hugged me back

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