Ella is a normal teenage girl well kind of normal. She always had one dream i.e performing but with an overprotective brother like Elliot Fintry who is said to be the biggest heartthrob of the NYC and also the owner of Platinum records would let her follow her dreams?
It ain't going to be as easy as she thought it would be. Soon Ella is going to turn 18 and all she wants is for her brother to let her go to London where she could live on her own BUT her brother has couple of conditions NO BOYS & NO FUNNY BUSINESS but with her tomboyish personality and a happy-go-lucky-nature would let her follow the rules?




Today is the day I am finally 18. I yawned and stretched up for today I smile at the knowledge of that I'm an adult now I can do whatever I want to do. I took blanket off from me and got up to dress up for today.

I walk down from the stair to the kitchen for my search for food. "Look it's the birthday girl. Happy birthday Love you're finally 18" I automatically recognized the melodies and sweet voice. "Thank so much Mimi." I replied with an embracing hug.

"Anytime love"

"By the way when did you got in here" I questioned her

"Well I-I" She stuttered

"She got here when you were asleep" Elliot interfered in our conversation.

"Don't you have a company to run?" I sarcastically asked him knowing the fact that it's almost 11 am and he's still in his PJ's and Elliot barely takes a day off.

"My company my wish" he replied

"Atleast go put on a shirt I can smell you stinking from here"

"Shut up trouble"

"Enough c'mon I made breakfast" Mimi politely invited us to the kitchen.

This has always been a tradition of our family that everyone in the house has to have atleast one meal together it doesn't matter if it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, super or dinner

I sat on the stool beside Elliot. Honestly I am not happy with the decision of Mimi cooking. Mimi might be a smart but when it comes to cooking not so smart. I still remember the time when Mimi decided to cook dinner for both of them Elliot and herself. The location was absolutely erotic but food not so erotic Elliot got a stomach infection because of eating raw chicken. The only thing that she can make is egg's and toast.

"What would you like to have for breakfast?" Mimi asked

"Just scrambled eggs" after knowing the condition where my brother's girlfriend can put him through her food I think eggs are the only option I have left.

"Mimi babe I'll have just fruits I'm not that hungry" Elliot said after scratching his neck. OH MY GOD he wasn't just scratching his neck but you could clearly see a blue and purplish mark on his neck. Jesus Christ now I can clearly figure out why I didn't see Mimi coming home last night.

"Uhm...so you guys do you have any information about the vocal guest in our house last night?" I teased him boldly. I have never been shy about teasing and messing around with people see that is actually why people call me tomboy.

"Vocal guest? you wish...pfff" I could already sense Mimi blushing by now.

"Oh my God how did you get that thing on your neck? you should go to a doctor maybe it's a sign of some new kind of infection" I giggled

"What...Shut up Trouble I know where you going with" Elliot shyly said


"So Elliot told me that you were going London" Mimi said after putting some eggs in my plate

"uhm yeah I'm planning to leave tonight" I managed to say through a whole mouth full of eggs. Shockingly they were actually very delicious

"But what about your birthday I thought you were going to celebrate it tonight?" she continued

"Well Danielle is not in town and even James has gone to his grandparents place so there won't be any fun without them and plus I applied for a job few weeks ago and they want me to join by Monday" James and Danielle are twins and they also happens to by best friends.

"TONIGHT? WE NEVER TALKED ABOUT THAT" Elliot cried. the thing I initially knew he was going to say yes he always does.

"I mean this job is a great opportunity" I replied to him

"But where are you going to live? and you just don't do a job just because you like it and why didn't you tell me yesterday that you are going to leave tonight. What about packing?"

"Instead of renting an apartment I've decided to live in Dads old house The reason why I chose this job is because they're going to pay me quite well. And if I told you yesterday that I planned ongoing tonight you would have never agreed moreover I stared packing age's ago" him and I we both know the fact that he allows me every time

"Smart girl...And don't you dare stop her I can see how hard she has worked on her future and you and I we both know she was going to leave someday" Mimi supported me. this is one of the reasons why I love Mimi so much I can finally leave and no one can stop me now.

"Alright trouble when's your flight" Elliot sadly asked no matter how badly we fight I always loved this guy.

'Flight?...Get over with it I'm taking the jet" I hysterically laughed.


It's 8 pm finally I'm going New York my birth place my hometown a place where I spend my whole life the city of dreams . I smile looking into the mirror

"Ella Honey c'mon it's time to go love" Mimi called me

Elliot was going to drive me to the airport. I thought it would be beat for me and him. Elliot silently picked up all my bags and kept them in the car. the car ride to the air port was silent He didn't utter a word he just drove silently. We finally arrived at the airport I could hear our Jet's voice now I could see it in front of my eye's . A guy almost 6 feet tall who was wearing a clean uniform came upto us he greeted Elliot and me "Good evening Madmosel I am Peter an I'll be your pilot tonight" Peter said

"Ah Peter good to see you this is my sister Ella Fintry" Elliot introduced me to Peter

"Madmosel" Peter greeted me again. I could notice Peter's blonde hair from his hat he had wierd French accent he was quite fair too but according to me he must me in his 20's.

"Gentleman" I greeted him back.

"So I don't get to see you for next 2 months?" Elliot said  after Peter left us alone

"I guess"

"If you need any help call me I have refilled your credit and debit card and I have also called at our station in London if you have any problem call them first....I'll miss you trouble" He shakingly finished his sentenced

"I'll miss you more El" I hugged him


"Please fasten your seatbelt Ms Fintry we are about to land" the airhostess said to me

Just few more minutes and I'll be in London I actually pinched myself to make sure if this is real

"Ms. Fintry we have arrived at our destination it's 8 am in London" The airhostess finally said.


I'm here in London the cool breeze hits me like a fantasy it's super cold. I looked around and admired the beauty of London even from the airport I can see the beautiful Big ben. The weather is quite cold I hug myself because of the chilliness of the weather. I take out my phone and messaged Elliot 'I'm here '

I take a deep breath in the refreshing air of London and said to myself again 'I officially in London"

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