Valentines day (Harry Styles imagine)

You and Harry have been dating for some while... Actually it's your 100 days university today, but it's also Valentines day... Will Harry remember this special day?
Read and find out...


3. Were am I?

After what seemed like an hour to two, the airplane landed. Harry took your hand “Come my love” you followed him, until you got to the stairs again, “Same again my love, there’s eleven steps down, take your time” you then found the first step, then the second and so on until you were on the ground once again. Harry took your hand again and you followed him. After driving with a cap for about fifteen minutes you got out and heard a lot of girls screaming, yelling and crying “HARRY, WE LOVE YOU!” “HARRY! CAN I GET AN AUTOGRAHT!?” “HARRY, I LOVE YOU!” it drive you nuts, as always, but this time it was really bad, because you couldn’t see anyone of them, luckily it soon stopped, now you were inside, “Good afternoon Mr. Styles, here’s your room key, 444” four was your favorite number, you wondered if he got that room because of that. Harry was still holding your hand, and he started to walk again, and you still followed him, once you were into the room you asked “Harry, when can I get this blindfold of?” “Soon my love, soon” he when let go of your hand, “there’s a bag on the bed with a set in, Michaela said that you picked it for our Valentine’s Day, I want you to take it on. But before that you can take of the blindfold, I’ll go outside the door and wait for you.” You just nodded, and then heard the door close behind you, after that you quickly took of the blindfold, you were a little confused then you saw that all you could see was a room, with windows covered in black, Harry certainly didn’t want you to see there you were. You quickly changed to the little blue dress that you picked out to this very special day, you saw it in the window of FOREVER NEW, and completely felt in love with it. When you got all from the outfit on, you walked out to the bathroom, you then did your hair and make-up, after a half an hour you opened the door.

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