Valentines day (Harry Styles imagine)

You and Harry have been dating for some while... Actually it's your 100 days university today, but it's also Valentines day... Will Harry remember this special day?
Read and find out...


2. Kidnapping?

He started the car, rested his hand on your lap and then asked "do you trust me?" you were a little confused, why would be ask that? But yes, you did trust him so you just nodded. He then pulled out a scarf, one of your own actually, and put it around your head, so I was blindfolded. You then felt that the car moved, Harry kept his hand on your lap, so that you knew he was there and that you could trust him. After what felt about ten-fifteen minutes you felt the car stop, you then heard that Harry's door opened, and after a couple of seconds your car door opened, you felt Harry's hands grip your hands, he guided you out of the car slowly, making sure that you wouldn’t bang your head against the door edge. When you were out safely, Harry let go of your hands, and said "just stand still, love" you did as you were told, and you heard him walk away, what was going on you thought to yourself, after a minute or two you felt him again, he took you by your hand and started to walk, you just followed him very carefully. After you had walk a little Harry stopped, and you heard a voice saying "Good afternoon Mr. Styles" you couldn’t recognize the voice, but you could tell that it was a man, Harry didn't response him, instead you felt two hands coming from behind and rest on your waist, "there's eleven steps up sweetie" you nodded and found the first step, then the second and so on, when you had count to eleven you took just one step forward, and banged your forehead against something "Ouch!" "I'm so sorry my love, are you OK?" Harry quickly said and kissed your forehead, "yea, I'm fine" he when took your hand and leaded you forward, until you stood in front of a seat, “sit down my love” you did as you were told, when you sit there you tried to figure out where the heck you were. Harry sat next to you and hold your hand, when you heard a strange noise start, it sounded like an airplane, “Harry, what is going on?” you asked a little confused and scared, actually you hated to fly, you were afraid, you couldn’t believe that a big metal plane could hold itself up in the air, you were just as afraid of sailing, how could a big heavy boat keep itself up, and not sink? “It’s okay my love, just lean back and enjoy the ride, I’ll be right here by your side to the end” with those word coming out from his mouth you got calmed down.

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