Valentines day (Harry Styles imagine)

You and Harry have been dating for some while... Actually it's your 100 days university today, but it's also Valentines day... Will Harry remember this special day?
Read and find out...


1. Do you remember?

Today was a special day for you and your boyfriend Harry, not only was it Valentine’s day, it was also your 100 days anniversary.

You were in school, and you couldn't stop thinking about that Harry might had forgot this special day. It was 2pm, and you soon got off school, you hadn't heard anything from Harry the whole day, and you knew that he wasn't doing anything but sitting at home watching television.


The bell rang out, you packed your things and said goodbye, Isabelle and you walked down the hallway together, when you got outside you saw a familiar face, it was Harry, he stood there in some really nice clothes and with a smile on his face, good you loved that smile, and those dimples could kill any girl that walked by. After thinking a while on your hot boyfriend, you ran over to him. You jumped into his arms and the spun you around in a tight hug. You looked up and your lips meet each other’s, when he pulled back and said nothing, he took you by your hand and leaded you to the passenger side of the car, he then opened the door to guide you in. When you got into the car he closed the door still, when he almost ran over to the driver side, opened the door an jumped into the driver's seat, without mention your anniversary.

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