the 3rd hunger games

Hi my name is Sophie district 11 the boy from my district is Tom i have a crush on him. I am only 14 so i hope i will win .


5. The winner

I took all the stuff  at the cornucopia that i needed at i set of . I found a cave i went in the cave but then i heard someone i hid my stuff in the cave and then i threw a dagger  in my hand i put some of the blood on my shirt so it looked like i was dead the guy came and turned around i stood up took  my sword it hit him on the back  and he was dead . I knew there were only two people left me and the ugly girl from 12 that is going to die. i took my bow and arrow out of the cave and went to the cornucopia . At the cornucopia i saw 12 but she didn't see me i shot and arrow but it missed so i shot  another one and it landed on her foot she fell down i ran to her and i threw a knife  in her neck that i had in my pocket and that i never used and then she died

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