the 3rd hunger games

Hi my name is Sophie district 11 the boy from my district is Tom i have a crush on him. I am only 14 so i hope i will win .


3. allies

I ran away suddenly i stopped i heard someone  i saw the girl from 7 she wanted to be allies but she said that i should look for other people that can join are team so we looked for the boy in her district and for the boys from 7,8,9 and 10 and the girls from 8 and 10,her name was lucy . The next day i noticed something strange so i looked up and i saw tracker jackers and a girl  was cutting the branch so the branch would fall so i woke everyone up and i told them to run but the girl and boy from 8 got attacked  and they died so now 12 people died and there are 12 left.

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