another world

one night can change everything.


1. speed dating

"I still don't know why I have to come..." I complained to my best friend Milli, who was staring into my mirror, curling her hair.

Milli looked at me like I was crazy. "You HAVE to come! You're my wing-woman!"

I sighed. "Mil, I do have a boyfriend. I had to cancel on him tonight."

She rolled her eyes. "Jason is an ass. Everyone knows that."

I ran my fingers through my hair. "Whatever. Can we go and get this speed dating done already?" I picked up my black purse and stood up.

"I'm not ready yet!" Milli complained.

"Mil, you look great." I told her. "Even though those are my shorts." I stared at the blue and white patterned, high-waisted shorts she was wearing.

"Sorry! You know I love them! And besides, you're wearing my fluro pink heels..." She argued back.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Come on." I grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door.


"Oh my god I'm so bored..." I complained, staring at the menu.

"Ruby! It's only been twenty minutes!" Milli hissed and I poked my tongue out at her.

"Hi, I'm Tristan." A blond guy walked up to our table and sat across from Milli.

"Milli." She smiled and extended her hand, which he quickly shook.

"This is my friend Connor." Tristan gestured to the shy-looking guy standing next to him.

Connor sat next to me. "Hi." He whispered.

I smiled at him. "Hi. I'm Ruby."

"Connor. Pleased to meet you."

We sat in awkward silence for about a minute, until Connor decided to say something.

"So... why are you here? Surely a girl as pretty as yourself would have better things to do on a Saturday night?" He winked at me. I turned bright red.

"Milli. She wants a boyfriend. And apparently, I'm her wing-woman." I pointed to Mil, who seemed to be hitting it off with Tristan. "And why are you here?"

Connor shrugged. "Tris."

I giggled, causing Milli to look at me strangely.

"Well, how about you tell me about yourself?" Connor asked me, smiling.

My cheeks felt hot. "Um... I'm nineteen, I'm Australian, but me and Milli are touring the world together, and I am a major fangirl..." I blushed at the last part.

Connor laughed. "Well, I'm guessing you haven't heard of my band?"

Then it hit me. Connor. Connor Ball. You idiot.

I decided to play dumb. "Yeah I know your band. The Wanted, right?" I smiled.

He looked startled. "Um..."

I started giggling. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Connor Ball. The Vamps. I know." I smiled at him.

His cheeks went red and I giggled louder. I looked over at Milli and Tristan. "And you're Tristan Evans." I smiled at Tris.

He looked surprised. "Yeah, that's me."

Milli was in hysterics. "Oh my god...." She said, trying to stay calm.

Me and Connor started laughing. I looked up at the bar and I immediately stopped.

"Something wrong?" Con looked behind him.

I didn't reply, I just stood up and pushed past him, walking towards the tall figure with a blonde girl's arms wrapped around his waist.

"Jason." I smiled cheerily. He looked surprised to see me.

"Babe... I... I thought you were going out tonight..." He stuttered.

"Yeah. Here." I pointed to Connor, Milli and Tristan.

"Who's that?" He glared at Connor.

"More importantly, who is THAT?!" I gestured to the slut next to him.

"Um....." He trailed off.

"I've heard enough." I slapped him across the face with all the strength I could muster. I stalked back to the table and grabbed my purse.

"Ruby...?" Connor followed me as I walked out the door.

I turned around to face him. "I'm sorry Con. That was my boyfriend." I explained sheepishly.

He looked pretty surprised. "Wow. Are you... okay?" He asked me timidly.

I nodded. "Do you... do you want to grab a coffee?" He asked.

I smiled. "I'd love to."

Authors note:

Hey guys! :)

Hope your enjoying my movella. Well, the first chapter. I'll update as often as I can.

Love you all and thanks for reading!

- Ruby xox

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