Crazy In Love

We don't live forever. At least I don't. My name is Adam, and I have just about 14 months left to live. But what do you do when you know you won't live for much longer, and how do you deal with the first love.

Well, I have one goal. To do as many crazy things I can, doing the time I've got left.

The story is based on the song "She Looks So Perfect" by 5 Seconds Of Summer


1. How to deal

My name is Adam.

I'm just like the average kid from school. The good looking guy, who has plenty of friends. But I have a secret. I'm sick, and I won't live for much longer. The doctors told me, I have about 14 months left.        I try not to think too much about it. But with a mom constantly crying in the house, and a dad who cancels his meetings to keep an eye on me, well, you can see the challenge in that.

My friends don't know anything. They think I'm still the same as I was six months ago. I'm the only one who thinks of that as an illusion. I mean, they are my friends. Shouldn't they be like able to notice if something was wrong? Or maybe I'm just good at keeping my secret hidden from the world.            My parents have told me several times to tell my friends, but I just can't. I know what will happen if I do. I'll be the popular kid, who suffers from a deadly disease.                                                               And the truth is. I don'y want to be that kid. I don't want to be the kid everyone feel sorry for.

I want to live.

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