frozen hearts

the story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other heroes to stop the kingdom from falling into the hands of evil .the setting of the story are medieval years where bows and swords are the main weapon in the army.


7. Time to move

I froze in my place to scared to first though was to find storm and leave the city.i  ran to the stair but stopped when I heard footsteps telling me that storm is here.whats going on.he asked as he climbed up the stairs.i shrugged.i don't know but we better get out of here.i told storm.storm nodded in approval and started to pack our stuffs.i started to break down our tent.leave it.storm said.but.i started to protest.JUST LEAVE IT.storm barked.i left the tent and helped him pack.we finished packing. stay close to me.ok?storm said.i nodded.he started to go down the ladder and I I went down the ladder I noticed something coming towards us in a very fast speed.look out!i yelled and pushed storm off the way.we  fell on the pavement.a giant boulder crashed into the place that we were a moment ago.thank.storm huffed.we continued down the street and found ourself in complete madness.smoke filled the air  giving me tears eyes.every breath I took my lung filled with smoke sending me into a coughing fit.the only thing that I could barely see was the tattered back of storms shirt.people scrambled to find safety.the screams of terror was heard over chaos.a strong bump beside me made me lose my balance.i crashed into the floor.terrified people trampled all over me.luckily  a strong hand grabbed me in my wrist and pulled me up to my feet.i managed to see a bit of his face over the smoke and where you're going!a strong sound said.i nodded.the man let go of my wrist and disappeared.i looked around to find storm but I couldn't see him.where is he.i pushed my way through the crowd and towards the city gate.thankfully the crowd was calmer as I got near the city gate.the gate became larger ad I walked closer and towered over me as I walked under it.i was safe for now.but I  have to find storm.i though.


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