frozen hearts

the story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other heroes to stop the kingdom from falling into the hands of evil .the setting of the story are medieval years where bows and swords are the main weapon in the army.


10. the warning

  Note:hi guys im very sorry about not publishing for a long time.i was too busy.i will try to one chapter everyday.anyway heres chapter 10. Enjoy:

I dreamt that i was  back in that blizzard looking for storm.The memory of the cold struck back.I looked for storm in the pitch black blizzard but i couldnt see him.The deep snow wansnt helping.
Max.where are you? I heard the familiar sound of storm.Was my brain decieving me?Max where are you?I heard him again.Or is this real?Is that storm or a illusion?Max answer me!The calls became fainter.I forced my leg to move towards the yells.The  yells became fainter.Desprate i pushed  myself harder to catch up with storm.Storm.wait.I cried.I have to move faster.I said to myself.I tried to listen to his yells but it have stopped.The roaring  of the wind was the only thing i heard.The darkness and the blizzard made it impossible to see.The snow stung my face.I protected my face with my arm to protect myself leaving my chest defenseless to the snows attacks.Suddely i had this strange feeling that something or someone is in the dark.Watching me.I stopped walking.Hello?I said.Whos there?It didnt reply.Show yourself!WHO ARE YOU?I bellowed.The air suddenly became heavy.It became very hard to breath.I was nearly able to support myself.

Beware the king of the damned will return.Ran for your lives he will kill us all.
You are our only hope.Young boy.You must save the kingdom.

A raspy and deep sound spoke.Who is the king of the damned and what are you talking about?Answer me.I gasped.

You have a long journey ahead of you must prepare.

The sound said.

I felt pressure in my  chest.Air was  slowly forced out chest as the presssure increased.My heart was pumping very fast as a invisible force crushed my chest.I took a last breath and i blacked out.

      I opened my eyes and sat upright.breathing heavily.The first thing  i saw was the blood and vomit covered walls.It was just a nighrmare.Im still alive.i comforted myself.After a few moments i calmed down and tried to remember what the voice said in my dreams.

The king of the damned will rise again...

I wonder what it ment?I though.The cart stopped very suddenly.I was catpulated into the air and  crashed into the walls.The mix of blood and vomit splattred on my shirt.Yuck.I said with a sick look on my face.I stood  up and i had a sudden feeling that this will get much worse..Here we are.I heard one man say.Someone banged the cart making it shake aggressively.Wake up you lazy runt.The man shouted.Welcome to your worse nightrmare.

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