frozen hearts

the story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other heroes to stop the kingdom from falling into the hands of evil .the setting of the story are medieval years where bows and swords are the main weapon in the army.


1. starving

in the gets really cold the people stay in their houses.not me because i don't have any.i curled myself in the ruins of a hunger was unbearable.i had to find food.i stood up and my legs felt sour.i was sitting here for hours.the baker was cooking a new batch of bread.the smell made me hungrier than ever.i ran swiftly through the night and when i got to the wall i jumped over it and quickly hided behind a pile of snow.the baker was loading his cart with freshly baked bread.i waited for him to go inside and ran to the cart.i jumped on the wooden plank and started to gather some.i had a handful when he came out.hey.get away from my bread you thief.he yelled.before i jumped down the plank broke in half.sending me plummeting on the vision was blurry but i stood up and ran to the alleyway.the baker surprisingly didn't get me.i felt his fingers trying to grasp my shirt.a few blocks away i lost him. il get you varmint.he bellowed. i kept running until i reached the old bridge.i took deep hand went down to grab a piece of bread but another grabbed it in the same time.i looked up to see who it was.
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