frozen hearts

the story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other heroes to stop the kingdom from falling into the hands of evil .the setting of the story are medieval years where bows and swords are the main weapon in the army.


3. a new friend

i woke up to find myself in a dark place.i tried to stand up but a pain under my stomach stopped you finally woke up.a voice said.i jumped and looked where the voice was.the boy was sitting next to me.he lit a candle and it illuminated the place.i noticed that i was in a tent.w.what happened?i asked.i tried to not look at him so did he.i stabbed you with a knife and left you to memory started to kick back.the fight.the left me to die.i said angrily.he looked embarrassed.yeah sorry about that.i freaked out.he answered.he stabbed me and then he saved my life.should i trust him?my thinking was interrupted when he asked my name is Alex but you can call me midnight.i answered.and you?i added.he name don't matter but you can call me storm.
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