frozen hearts

the story is about a young orphan trying to survive the harsh city where everyone fight to stay alive.but when a new danger rises he must ally with other heroes to stop the kingdom from falling into the hands of evil .the setting of the story are medieval years where bows and swords are the main weapon in the army.


2. a act of mercy.

a boy was standing next to me.he wore a tattered shirt and slightly ripped pants with holes on them.let it go.he ordered.i didn't replayed.he threw a punch but he missed me.we pulled and fought until he got angry. OK that's it.he yelled and took out a pocket knife from his back pocket.leave it or il hurt you.he ordered again.i shouted NO.i tripped and fell on the boy felt a sharp pain under my chest.i stabbed legs gave way and i crashed on the floor.i couldn't see anything.i had tears in my eyes.i saw a blur of the boy running in the darkness.i managed to say please help me.the boy stopped sorry.he said and dissappeared. no.i tried to crawl after him but my muscles were too weak.i laid down to die.before i blacked out i saw a blur of someone.then i passed out.
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