Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.



Hey, everyone! I'm afraid I have some bad news. I will not be able to write for at least 2 weeks, because I will be attending the dance festival this year and that means I have practice all day long! I'm so so sorry guys! I know you all hoped for a chapter, but I'm currently very busy, so I apologize. I promise though, some time in july, I will write an extra long chapter to make up for all of my absence. I hope you understand, I love you all!


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