Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.


21. Chapter Twenty

Oh my God guys I'm so sorry for not updating so long. I've been really busy and I just started school so things will get even more busier, I don't know how often I can update but I'll try my best. I love you all so much, hope you enjoy the update and tell me what you think.


Jason's POV:


 I opened my eyes to a piercing light, which made me close them rapidly. After a moment of reassurance, I opened them again and discovered myself in a bed, next to a girl I didn't remember sleeping with, but I guess I did.


I got dressed quickly, hoping that she wouldn't wake up but I was wrong.


''Where are you going?''She questioned sleepily, sitting up in bed.

''I don't know, but away from here,''I replied, searching for my shoes.

''What? I thought that..''She trailed off, her eyes on the blanket laying on top of her.

''You thought what? That I'd magically fall in love with you just because we had sex? Sorry to disappoint you, but you were just a hook up. I'm in love with someone else.''My thoughts travelled to Victoria and what she could be doing right now, but I quickly erased her from my mind. She didn't want me anymore.

It wasn't until I heard the girl start crying when I started feeling guilty, but did she seriously think that I would fall in love with her in one night? Hell no. If I want sex, then it's just sex, nothing else.

''Look, I'm sorry but I need to go. It was nice being with you,''I said quickly before walking out.

''Your an asshole!''She yelled, sobbing. I cringed and walked downstairs as fast as possible, before disappearing out of the front door.



Victoria's POV:


The next morning with Casey was so awkward after our kiss. I didn't know what to say, thankfully Hayley would be riding to school with us so it wasn't just us two. If that were the case, then I'd probably die before we even made it to school, plus it was my first day back.

I finished my breakfast and placed my dishes into the sink, thanking Casey's mom for the meal.

''Have a good day at school honey,''She gave me a hug.

''Thank you,''I smiled politely, lifitng my bag from the floor.

Casey and Hayley quickly put their coats on aswell before saying their goodbye's and joining me outside. Casey opened the door for me, and our eyes locked before I quickly glanced away. I had silently wished that Hayley would sit in front today, to avoid any more awkwardness, but he still opened the front passanger door for me.

''Are you excited to be back in school?''Hayley questioned from the back seat, and I looked out of the window.

''Yeah, I guess.''

''It's going to be okay, I promise,''Casey spoke, squeezing my hand, making me look at him before pulling it away. He should seriously stop doing stuff like that when our friends were here. I knew that Hayley saw that because the car became uncomfortably silent.

Casey finally parked the car and I got out, finally escaping that car that seemed to be my death row.

As we walked towards the school, I'm pretty sure everyone's eyes were locked on me, which made me highly uncomfortable so I kept my gaze on the road I was walking on, not on the people judging my every move.

I got my timetable and a locker, that wasn't too far away from Hayley's.

''What's your first class?''Casey questioned me, and I shut my locker.

''Physics. You?''

''I have physics too!''Hayley said excitedly from beside me.

''Damn, I have algebra. Lucky you,''He said looking at Hayley, receiving a smile from her. Lucky you? Is he addicted to me or something?

I smiled awkwardly looking at my feet.

''We better get going, class starts soon. Come on!''Hayley linked my arm through hers, but before we managed to get away, Casey shot a smirk and wink to me.



Jason's POV:


As I swallowed another sip of my vodka, I kept wanting it more and more. I saw my phone buzzing in my pocket, so I took it out. My mom was calling me, but I just smirked and pressed cancel and turned my phone off.

''Want some?''A girl asked beside me, I turned around and faced her, a blondie, with a packet of white powder in a little see through package in her hand.

''Depends what it is..''I smirked.

''Cocaine,''She smiled, handing it over to me, and I gladly accepted it.



Ohh noo Jason :(( Comment and let me know what you thought! :)


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