Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.


7. Chapter Seven

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Victoria's POV:


I woke to the sound of people talking downstairs. I glanced at the clock, which read 2.05 AM. I couldn't help but get up and open my door a little, to listen to the heated conversation downstairs.

''We are very sorry for the trouble, officer.''I heard Tom speak, and I swear my heart stopped beating.

''It's okay. Just make sure Jason doesn't drive while being drunk anymore, it could have serious consequences.''The officer spoke, and I gasped,  but quickly covered my mouth with my palm.

The door closed, and I knew Jason wasn't going to get away with this.


Jason's POV:


''What is your problem, Jason?!''My mother asked as quietly as she could, but her voice came out loud anyway.

''I don't have a damn problem.''I stated. I was sober now, the police had made me drink tons of water and had to stop for me to throw all the alcohol up. I'm glad they didn't know what else I'd done tonight.

''Yes you do! I can't believe you would actually go out driving while being drunk! Why would you do something like that? You could have died, Jason!''

''But I didn't, did I? Sorry, I was stupid. Can I just go to bed now, please?''I wanted this to be over with.

''You're grounded for three months. And you're going to give me all of your devices.''

I stopped dead on my tracks.


''You really think we were going to let you get away with this? You should be ashamed of yourself!''My dad spoke, and I sighed annoyingly.

''Fine.''I mumbled and started to go upstairs, but my mom's voice stopped me once again.

''You should be thankful your not dead.''She scolded, and I didn't respond. I made my way up the steps, and faced the reason I'd done all of the shit today.

She was standing outside of her room, obviously listening to our conversation. Even now, she was so damn beautiful. All that she was wearing was pajama pants and a tank top, but she was able to make everything look amazing.

We didn't speak, just stared into each other's eyes for a second, before she quickly dissapeared into her room and I sighed. Tonight was meant to be a fun night, just party, not get arrested of drunk driving. Good thing I'd taken drugs before that, otherwise I'd be completly screwed.

The thing that irritated me the most was that all of this was because of her. She wouldn't tell me if she liked me or not, which I guessed she didn't, cause she has been avoiding me. I didn't understand her at all, and it made me grow frustrated. That's why I'd gotten drunk and taken drugs tonight, to just drown the frustration. Sadly, I got busted and nothing good actually came out of it.

I exhaled heavily and cursed myself for drinking so much. Now Victoria didn't want me for sure. Another reminder how truly fucked up I am. I shut my eyes and tried to get some sleep to free me from my killing headache.


Victoria's POV:


I adjusted my skirt in the mirror, a dark red skaterskirt that came just above my knees. Enough to hide my scars, so I should be fine. I looked over my hair, which was up in a bun with strands of hair falling out. I was wearing a black top, and a leather jacket over that. My feet were in some red flats, and I thought I looked pretty good. My red lipstick stood out in my face, and I grinned into the mirror.

I placed my bag on my shoulder and opened my door. I heard everyone already eating breakfast, and I also heard Kath's strict words to Jason. I was feeling nervous, for what, I wasn't sure. Maybe if Jason liked my outfit, or if Kath and Tom thought it was too over the top.

I walked down the steps and every movement that had been done in the house stopped, leaving an uncomfortable silence take over the building. I found Jason's eyes, and his mouth was hanging open slightly and his eyes wouldn't remove from my body.

''Victoria, you look very beautiful today.''Kath smiled, and quickly started eating again and everyone else followed, Jason was still looking at me though.

''Thank you.''I smiled and took my seat opposite Jason. His eyes were still on me and it made me uncomfortable.

''Jason, don't forget to give me your phone.''Kath reminded him, and he quickly shot his eyes to his mother.

''Yeah.''He continued eating, a process that had been interrupted by me.

''Victoria, Jason can't drive until three months, so would you take my car and drive both of you to school today?''Kath questioned, which made me stop lifting my fork.

''Don't you need it yourself?''I was a good driver, but me and Jason in a car, alone? Fuck. I wish Jess could come and pick me up today, but that would leave Jason without a ride.

''I can go with Tom today. You can take it, I'm sure your responsible.''She smiled and glanced at Jason, obviously referring to his drunken behaviour.

''Of course.''I wasn't sure how this would go, probably more awkward silence but I had to go with it.

I finished eating and stood up from my seat.

''Have a good day, Victoria.''Tom wished kindly, and I think he left Jason out on purpose.

''Thank you.''

I took the keys from Kath, and headed out, Jason following me. I sat into the car and started the engine. Jason slumped down in his seat, and stared straight ahead. I fastened my seatbelt, and Jason did the same.

I began driving, and the silence in the car was almost unbearable. I didn't know if I should say something or not.

''You're driving me insane, Victoria.''

His voice was more irritated than anything else, and I didn't take my eyes from the road even though I knew he was staring at me.

''Why?''I questioned, but I knew the answer damn well.

He let out a chuckle, which made goosebumps appear to my skin.

''I tell you that I like you, and you leave me without any reply. Who does that, Vic?''His voice was completly irritated now, and I sighed.

''I don't know, Jason.''

''You don't know what? If you like me? It's a straight yes or no.''

''I don't want to get hurt again. Fuck, Jason, I'm messed up. I'm so messed up that I'm scared to ever date anyone again.''

I knew that answer confused him, but it was the truth.

''You're not messed up, Vic.''His voice was calmer than before.

''You don't know anything about me.''I didn't mean it to come out as in mean or offensive, but I knew it did.

''Then tell me, for God sakes! I want to get to know you, I want to love you, and I want to be with you! Why do you think I went out last night and did those things? It's because you are driving me crazy.''

I sighed, and wished the school would be closer, but the traffic was horrible this morning.

''I don't trust people easily anymore, Jason. It's because they've hurt me, more than you know. I don't let anyone in cause I don't want to get hurt. That's why I don't know, Jason! Shit, of course I like you! The moment I saw you, I was attracted to you!  I'm just...''

''You're just what, Vic?''His voice was soft and calming.

''Scared.''I whispered, my eyes still on the car filled road ahead of us.

''You don't need to be scared. I won't hurt you. I promise.''

I couldn't help but glance into his eyes, which were filled with so much love I almost stopped breathing.

''You don't know that,''I said softly and stepped onto the gas.

''Let me show you. You can trust me, I promise. Please, trust me and I'll make you feel like the most amazing girl that you are, and I'll take you to cloud nine with my love towards you. I can make you happy, Vic. Please, let me show you.''

I looked into his eyes again, and felt my heart beating faster every second, as I replied to his words.


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