Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.


9. Chapter Nine

Alright, because ya'll wanted an update and I'm not really doing anything today so I decided to update. This will be the last update for a few days , though. :)


Victoria's POV:


To my own suprise, I didn't pull away from Jason's moist lips as I'd assumed myself to do. When we finally pulled apart from our love-fest, our gazes locked and I knew that he really was sorry.

''Will you be mine, Vic?''He took my hands in his and goosebumps instantly made their way to my skin of his soft hands entwined with mine.

''Yes,''I whispered and leaned up to place my lips against his, he was taller than me.

He picked me up so my legs were around his waist, and he kissed me so passionately that I almost grew dizzy of the intimate contact.

I just prayed to God he wouldn't hurt me like everyone else had.




I quickly grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen, due to the fact that I was running late. Kath had been so nice to let me lend her car today aswell, so that I could drive Jason and Mike to school with me. Mike had been ill for the past week, but he was better now so he would be going to school again.

Me and Jason had agreed to keep our relationship a secret at least for now, cause I was really damn scared to tell Kath and Tom about it. Jason wouldn't agree to keep it a secret in school, though. I suppose I was okay with it, but I'm not so sure the girls in our class would be.

As I drove all of us to school, I catched Jason staring at me and the smirk playing on his lips.

''What are you staring Victoria for, Jason?''Mike questioned from the back seat, and I saw Jason's face grow red straight away.

''Shut up.''He mumbled and looked out of the window, earning a chuckle from me.

I parked in the parking lot and turned off the engine. I was really tired, because I'd stayed up until 2 AM yesterday studying for a test. I was a perfectionist, much to my dismay. I hadn't bothered to wear anything special today, I just threw on a tank top and jeans along with my favorite pair of converse. My hair was up in a high ponytail, a bandana adding a casual look to it.

I got out of the car and locked it. Before I even got to wish Mike a good day at school, he was out of the car and walking towards his school building. Jason laced his hand with mine , and gave me a reasurring smile, probably noting my nervousness.

I was suprised not to see Jess anywhere in the front of the school. Everyone's eyes were laid on us as we walked into the school, and I felt Jason squeeze my hand.

Whisperes and more stares were exchanged between people, and it was becoming quite uncomfortable for everyone to stare at us like we were some art exhibition.

''What the hell are all of you staring at?''Jason finally snapped, and everybody continued their own activities.

I opened up my locker, and let out a yawn.

''You tired?''Jason asked as he leaned against a locker besides me.

''Yeah. Stayed up until 2 AM yesterday,''I explained as I took out my books.

''Really? Why?''He sounded suprised, hell, I would be suprised too.

''We have a test in chemistry today, remember?''I chuckled and shut my locker.

''Fuck.''He mumbled. I was about to say something back, but my eyes catched Jess and Lucas walking towards us, Jess laughing over something Lucas had said.

A smile spread across my face as I eyed them.

''Hey guys,''Jess spoke, finally able to do it after laughing her ass off.

I pulled Jess aside, and stared into her emerald eyes.

''Are you and Lucas together?''I asked excitedly, and a smile creeped up her face.

''Yes!! How about you and Jason?''

I nodded my head, and she embraced me in a hug.

''I'm so happy for you guys!''Jess exclaimed, and I returned the favor.


The ringing of the bell filled our ears, and I turned around.

''I'll see you later,''Jason said and kissed me before walking to class.




Jason's POV:


I seated myself, pretty annoyed at the fact that Vic wasn't in the same room as me. I felt like I was obsessed with her already. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of her finally being mine.

''So your with that weird chick now?''a voice spoke behind me, and anger rushed through my veins.

''Shut your fucking mouth.''I cursed as I faced Lindsey, the bitch of the school.

She gasped and pretended to be hurt as she placed her hand over her heart.

''I wouldn't get involved with her.''She looked directly into my eyes and I felt disgusted.

''I suggest you to shut up before I do it for you.''

I turned back around and decided not to let her get to me.




When another boring lesson of math ended, I sprung off my seat, eager to get to Victoria. I shoved my books into my bag and was out of the class in a blink.

I saw her walking out of her class, Mackenzie talking to her from behind. She kept her gaze in front of her, but I knew the words stung to her heart at the look in her eyes.

I didn't even think twice as I stepped in between them, and a smirk played on Mackenzie's lips straight away.

''What the hell is your problem?''I sneered, feeling the anger build up in my body.

''Jason, she's not worth it.''I felt Victoria touch my arm from behind, but I wasn't going to let Mackenzie get away with this.

''I don't have a problem. I just don't get why your dating this piece of junk, that's all.''She smiled, and my fist connected with her face, not regretting any second of it.

''Jason!''Vic gasped and pulled me back, when I wanted to hit her again. People were gathering around us, some were cheering us along and others gasping and whispering.

''I've been called worse. Leave it.''That sentance didn't make me calm down, it made the rage in me grow bigger with each passing second. The fact that someone would actually dare to call her worse made me want to punch Mackenzie even more.

''So your flirting with me one day and punching me the next? Get yourself sorted out, asshole.''Mackenzie ran to the bathroom, but I offered no sympathy.

I turned around and faced my beautiful angel, her eyes full of fear. She was breathing heavily and looking around in fear.

''Vic? Baby? Are you okay? Are you in pain?''The questions spilled out of my mouth, my heart beating fastly.

''I-I need, a-air..''She spoke, and I rushed her outside, ignoring the stares and whisperes that followed us.

I made her sit down on the steps, and I held her hands in mine as she kept her eyes closed and tried to regain her breathing to normal.

When she finally opened them, I knew tears threatened to fill her gorgeus eyes. I pulled her to me and held her close as she cried quietly.

''They started when I was fourteen,''She finally spoke and wiped her tears.

My heart broke for her, but I stayed silent to let her continue.

''I've had panic attacks ever since. They happen when people harass me, or if I go to huge crowds..''She trailed off, staring at the path in front of us.

''Why didn't you tell me, baby?''I questioned softly.

''I don't know. I just..didn't want to be different.''She whispered, and I held her again, not caring if we were late to class.


Victoria's POV:


Jason had insisted on watching dance practice, but I wasn't so sure that he could keep himself tamed, because it was a girl and boy dance.

I was dancing with a super friendly guy, his name was Liam. I went and changed and a smile spread across my face straight away as I saw Jason sitting on the bleachers that were in the gym. He smiled back, that heart melting smile that got me every time.


''Alright, as you all know, we have our show in two weeks. We have to give our best in that show, if we want to make it to the annual contemporary dance festival this summer,''April explained, and I felt my insides twisting from nervousness. Why was I nervous? Maybe because my boyfriend would be watching us dance today.

''Okay, let's start with falling to pieces! Liam and Victoria, your up first!''April spoke and everyone else walked over to where Jason was sitting, and I could see from his face how excited he was.

The music started and I lost myself in the pleasure and adrenaline rush of what dancing brought me.

When we finally finished, I was out of breath and drank my whole water bottle in one go. Jason and everyone else was clapping and I laughed and thanked them, along with Liam.

''Babe you were amazing!!''Jason hugged me and kissed me, earning a smile from me.

''Thank you.''I grinned and kissed him back, hearing everyone else say ''aww.''


:) Hope you enjoyed! But trust me...things are about to get very very very crazy.

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