Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.


15. Chapter Fourteen

Okay guys so when I told you that this chapter would be the saddest chapter in the story, then I decided to change my mind. I don't want to make it really sad and horrible just yet, so I'll give you one more good chapter until things are never going to be the same as they used to be.


Victoria's POV:


''I want to take you out tonight,''Jason whispered into my ear and I jumped, startled from his voice as I was seated on my bed, listening to music and losing myself in it.

''You scared me,''I breathed a sigh of relief and turned around to face him.

''I'm sorry, but would you come on a date with me tonight?''He smiled his perfect smile, looking me straight into the eyes and I felt my heart immediatly beat faster due to his perfect character.

''Of course,''I agreed and kissed his lips, his lips moving in sync with mine. He gently pushed me down onto the bed, and lied down next to me, never breaking the kiss. One kiss turned into a hot makeout session, and I had to pull away just to get some air.

A smirk was planted on Jason's gorgeous face and I chuckled. I kissed him again and he held me close to me, just so I could hear his heartbeat perfectly.

''When are we going to tell you're parents?''I asked quietly. Jason rubbed his hands down my back, and sighed heavily.

''I don't know, whenever you're ready,''He told me, and I pictured a scenario in my head. Me and Jason telling Kath and Tom that we were together. Just thinking about it made me want to shut my eyes and dissapear into a hole.

''What do you think they'll say?''I whispered, feeling Jason pull me even closer if that was possible.

''I think they'll have to adjust, but eventually be okay with it,''He responded and kissed the top of my head.

''I'm scared that they'll move me away again,''I finally admitted my biggest fear.

''I won't let them do that.''Jason said seriously, and I hugged him, thankful to have him.


Jason's POV:


I could feel my nerves start to build up as I looked myself in the mirror. I was wearing a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, I'd worked on my hair more than normal, and I think I looked quite good.

Thankfully my parents and Mike were out of town for the weekend, so they wouldn't even find out that I took Vic out on a date. I opened my door and walked downstairs, eager to see my beautiful girl. I could feel my palms began to get sweaty as I sat down on a chair in the dining room.

A couple of minutes later I could hear footsteps come down the steps and almost froze right then and there because of how gorgeous Victoria looked. She was wearing a tight red dress, her hair was curled and put up in a beautiful way, red lipstick showed off her lips and her heels made her look even more stunning if that were even possible.

'' look..''I didn't have words for how amazing she looked, and she walked towards me with a grin on her face.

She bit her lip as she was finally face-to-face with me, and I smiled and kissed her lips.

''You look stunning,''I whispered against her moist lips and she gave me another of her heart-melting smiles.

''You don't look so bad yourself,''She winked as she eyed me up and down.

I chuckled and grabbed her hand.




I parked my car in front of the best restaurant in town called ''Franco's.'' I quickly got out and rushed over to Victoria's side, and opened up the door for her. She laughed at my gentelmanly manners and gave me a kiss in return.

We walked inside the restaurant and got seated in a nice table, a candle lighting it up and a white tablecloth adding it's glow to the pale table.

''This is beautiful. Thank you so much for this,''She smiled and grabbed my hand from across the table, giving it a squeeze.

''Anything for you,''I smiled back, and began looking through the menu.

''Have you two decided on what you want?''A waiter asked from beside our table, and I looked at Victoria who ordered herself a chicken pasta.

''And what can I get for you?''The waiter asked me, and I ordered a pizza, earning a smirk from Vic.

After we'd ordered our drinks and food, the waiter promised to bring the stuff to us shortly before dissapearing into the kitchen.

''You honestly look so beautiful today,''I complimented her, and she blushed and smiled.

''Thank you,''She replied sweetly.




After we'd finished dinner, I decided to take Victoria to a special place that was close to my heart.

I pulled up my car in front of a lake, and got out.

''This is beautiful,''Victoria gushed, and I opened up the trunk of the car and pulled out a blanket.

''It is. Christina used to always come here,''I spoke, and set the blanket on the ground, and sat down on it and Vic followed me.

I wrapped my arms around here and we sat there like that for a few seconds until I spoke up.

''I love you, Victoria Rose.''

She turned around to face me, and her face immediatly brightened up.

''I love you too, Jason Lakery!''She told me happily and placed her lips on mine.

As I held her there, that night, I knew that Victoria Rose was the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Aww :) You probably won't want to read the next chapter :S And it's not what you're expecting, you won't even imagine it.. I cannot wait to release the new chapter even though ya'll will hate me!! But pleasee comment and let me know what you think so far!

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