Amazing Chemistry

17 year old Victoria has been placed into a lot of foster homes since she was born. When the time comes to move again, she starts living with the Lakery's. Their older son, Jason doesn't seem to care about Victoria. But soon, they develope a un-describable love that nobody will be able to foget. Watch two teenagers fall in love, but will they get through all the obsticles invading their love?

Read Amazing Chemistry to find out.


5. Chapter Five

Okay soo I'll be updating today and after that probably some time next week :) I decided to update today because the reads are going up and up which is amazing so THANK YOU! Ily all and btw my twitter is @jdbddlxox if you want to tweet me! :) Enjoy!


Victoria's POV:


Jason has been ignoring me the whole past week, just pretending i'm invisble. I seriously didn't understand this guy. I was giving up on trying to figure him out cause it seemed impossible.

I sighed as I sat down in science class.

''You alright?''Jess questioned after seating herself.

''Yeah, I'm fine.'' Truth was I was tired of Jason, and I was going to confront him today about his behaviour. He was driving me insane.

The bell put an end to our conversation and Mr.Brinley walked in wearing his usual suit, his glasses placed on his nose.

''Your all going to be doing a project with a classmate today on the enviorment that we live in, and what we can do to make pollution stop.''He explained, standing in front of the class.

I prayed to God he'd let us choose our own partners.

''I'll be setting your partners.''

I gulped. The class tried to reject, but was soon quieted by Mr.Brinley's strict tone.

''Chrissy is going to be with Marcus,''He started, and the list went on and on.

I was waiting patiently for my turn.

''Victoria is going to be paired with Jason.''

No. Hell no. Why?

''But, can't I be with Christian instead?''I tried to persuade him to let me be with anyone besides Jason.

I saw the look on Jason's face of the corner of my eye, and he looked hurt. Here's some of your own medicine, douchebag.

''No, Victoria. I'm sure you and Jason will be great partners.''

I sighed angrily and watched Jason take a seat in front of me, turning his chair so he was facing me.

''Why are you so against working with me, Vic?''Damn his voice and that nickname. My heart thumped so quickly I thought it was going to stop.

''Oh, maybe because you've been ignoring me this whole week.'' I was proud of my sarcasm, and I sent him a sarcastic smile.

I saw him stare down at the white paper Mr.Brinley had placed on my desk.

''We need to get to work.''He replied, and I was in utter shock. Not even an apology. He's such an asshole.


Jason's POV:


Shit. I know Victoria's mad at me, she had every fucking reason to be. Because I was a fucking asshole. I'd been ignoring her for the past week, hoping that will lower my attraction towards her. But it didn't. I'd only hurt her and was hating myself for it.

Maybe I should just tell her that I like her and ask her for a date or something. Who am I kidding? She'd never agree to come, she'd probably tell me to leave her alone. And that's what I'm trying to do. But it's only making me like her even more.

I even considered staying at my friend's house for a while to get her out of my mind. Maybe not seeing her so much will lessen the affection, but it didn't. And I didn't know what to do.

I was walking out of the building, when I heard her angelic voice intrude behind me.

''What the hell is your problem?''She questioned angrily and made her way towards me, her curls gently swaying with the wind. Fuck, she was so beautiful. I'd fuck it all up if I confessed. All I do is fuck things up. I couldn't hurt such an amazing human being-such a vulnerable one too.

''I don't have a problem.'' Shit. The look in her eyes says she's mad as hell. She should be.

''You know what, Jason? I am so fucking done with your bullshit. You protect me one second, and the other your ignoring me and pretending I don't even exist? What the hell?''She sneered, and I gulped.

''I haven't been ignoring you.'' Lie. What the hell am I thinking?

''You're an asshole. I'm going to talk to Mr.Brinley to pair me with someone else, cause there's no way in hell I'm doing the project with you.''She left with those words, leaving me wondering why I always manage to fuck things up.


Victoria's POV:


I closed my door angrily and fell onto my bed.

Jason was such an ignorant person. He thought he could do anything and deny it, too? I almost wished I'd never even came to this family, that would have saved me from his bullshit.

I decided to just forget him, and do the same exact thing back to him. I wouldn't say a thing to him, let him get a piece of his own medicine.

I opened my textbook and sighed. For the past two hours I spent studying for my test coming up tomorrow.


''Victoria! Time for dinner!''Mike called downstairs, and I shut the book I was holding. I got up and started going downstairs, knowing that Jason looked at me but I didn't glance at him once.

I sat down at the dinner table, the magical smell of curry filling my nostrils.

''How was your day?''Kath beamed at me, whilst taking her seat opposite me.

''It was good.''I smiled, and saw Jason sit next to her, his gaze diverted on me, but I started down at my plate and began placing the delicious meal onto the white plate.

Dinner was full of small-talk, but I didn't mind. I was quite proud of myself for not glancing at Jason once, though I knew it suprised him. We'd always catch our gazes at least two times during dinner, but today I wasn't letting up.

''Thank you for the amazing meal.''I spoke after taking my plate to the sink.

''No problem.''Kath smiled, and I quickly went upstairs. I closed my door and rested my back on it, waiting patiently for Jason's footsteps.

They came, and walked so close to my door that I was almost afraid he'd knock on it. But he didn't, he closed his own door loudly. I smirked and sat into my beanbag, grabbed my book ''Looking for Alaska'' and lost myself in it's presence.


Jason's POV:


''Mr. Brinley I really want to change my partner. Could I please pair with somebody else? I know that Jake needs a partner, so I can go and Jason can pair with Mandy,''I heard Victoria speak and felt the jealousy flood through my veins.

I wouldn't let Jake fucking pair with her.

''Oh, alright. Go sit next to Jake.''Mr.Brinley agreed to my anger.

''I thought we weren't allowed to change our partners.''I spoke up loudly, and caused Vic to send me a death glare.

Mr.Brinley shook his head and dove into his computer. I sighed and walked over to Mandy, the dork of the school.


For the whole class, Jake and Vic had been laughing more than working. I would have punched the guy straight in the face if it wasn't for the teacher. Seeing her laughing with someone else made me angry, hell yeah it did. My fists were clenched the whole period and I was thankful for the bell to finally end my misery.

I walked over to Jake after he'd left the classroom with Vic.

''You better stay the hell away from her,''I threatened and saw Vic's eyes fill with defense.

''No, you don't. He's not my mom.''She spat, looking me directly in the eyes.

''Exactly, you aren't her mom. I suggest you to leave her alone, and find another fuck buddy of your own.''Jake replied, and it threw my over edge.

Before I knew it my fists collided with his jaw, earing hundred's of yelps and screams. Vic tried to part us, but failed.

''STOP IT!''She yelled louder than I've ever heard.

My movement stopped and I stood up.

''What the fuck is wrong with you?''She was angry, more than angry. Shit.

She helped Jake up.

She sent me a death glare and walked away, escorting Jake into the nurse's office.

''What went on here, Jason?''

I turned around to face the head of the school, and gulped.


Lol hope you enjoyed though I know all of you probably want them to get together already haha. Please leave a comment, and I'll update sooner!




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