Chasing Love

Ivy Everdeen, sister to Katniss and Primrose Everdeen. A normal girl, 18 years old in district 12, trying to save her life. What happens when her sister gets chosen to go into the Hunger Games? Will she volunteer? Or most importantly, will she ever find love?


1. Reaping

~ Ivy's point of view ~

Today is reaping day, I shouldn't be that scared because I have done this five times already. But I am today, because it's Primrose's first time. My name's Ivy, Ivy Everdeen. I am the oldest out of my sisters, Prim is 12 and Katniss is 16. I'm 18, and am the oldest. Being the oldest, I get worried if my sisters would get picked. If one of them does, my mind says not to volunteer... but my heart does. Katniss had gone somewhere, probably to the forest. That's where she usually goes. I decided to go and see my best friend, Lily, before the reaping. I went to the small run down park we used to go to as kids. I saw her on a swing and went over to see her.

"Hi, Lily." I said as I approached her and sat down on the swing next to her.

"Hey Ivy, how many times is your name in today?" She asked me.

"35, swapped food for my name to be put in more for the family, you?" I told her. If you are running low on food, which my family do a lot, you can get food. But in return, they put your name in so many times depending what age you are. If you were 12, your name would get but in once, and one more every time you traded. Me, being 18, would have my name put in seven times, once because I had to, and the rest were for food.

"Just 21 times, it's just me and mum I've got to feed," Lily exclaimed. I nodded. Lily is the same age as me, 18.

"I wish people would stop liking it so much," I said sadly.

"I know, it's silly really." She agreed with me. I nodded.

"Well," I said standing up. "Good luck!" I said pulling her into a hug.

"Good luck to you to," she said smiling. I walked back to my old run down house.

I went to wash myself and get changed into my clothes. I wore a white blouse with a denim looking skirt. My mother did my hair in a side fishtail braid and it hung over my shoulder.

"Last year, you won't have to be doing it again." She said from behind me as she was tucking bits of hair in.

"Prim's first, I'm worried for her." I said. Yes, I am very worried for her. Prim is not the bravest person on earth.

"So is Katniss, and I am too." She replied. I was a bit shocked because my mother hardly ever talks. She finished my hair and I thanked her. Katniss came in through the door after being somewhere.

"You look nice Ivy, and you look beautiful Prim," Katniss complemented Prik as she went to tuck her top in. She then handed her something.

"I laid something out for you too," mother said to Katniss. She nodded and went to get ready. After everyone was finished getting ready, we went to where the reaping was held. We walked along with the big group of young people between the age of 12 and 18. The place was crowded and looked dirty. There was a large stage at the front. Girls were on one side of the audience, and boys went on the other. Prim suddenly stopped walking.

"Prim it won't hurt they're just going to take a bit of blood," Katniss assured her. Prim started crying.

"I'm scared," Prim said wiping her tear away. I didn't blame her for crying.

"Go and stand with the little ladies, we'll find you later we promise," I said to her. She nodded and went to stand with the other. Katniss and I went to get checked in and we stood by our age groups. We waited for a bit until Effie came on and tapped the microphone.

"Welcome! Welcome, welcome! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour," she spoke in her high pitched voice. Let me tell you, it's not a very happy Hunger Games. "Now, before we begin, we have a very special film! Brought to you all the way from the capital!" She said excitedly, gesturing to the big screen on her left I was fed up of this film; I've seen it to many times. It finally finished. "I just love that!" Effie exclaimed.

"Now, the time has come for us to select one courageous young man and woman. For the honour, of representing district 12 in the 74th annual Hunger Games. As usual, ladies first." She said strolling over to the large glass bowl on her left, filled with girls names. She reached into the bowl and searched round for a bit before pulling one out. She walked back over and un-folded it.

"Primrose Everdeen," Effie's voice boomed through the microphone. My heart stopped. I looked over at Katniss. She looked at me as if to ask me if I was going to volunteer. I nodded my head. "Where are you? Come on up," Effie said again. I gave Katniss a hug and whispered in her ear. "Look after her," I said, as I knew mother wouldn't do a great job at that...

I confidently strode out to the middle. "Prim, Prim!" I yelled, the guards tried to keep me back but I pushed through them. "I volunteer! I volunteer!" I said stepping away from the guards. "I volunteer as tribute."

"Well," Effie started. "I believe her have a volunteer," I gave Prim a hug. "Go find mum and Katniss," I told her, despite her many protests, Katniss came and pulled her away. I followed the guards up to the stage and went up to the stage. "District 12's very first volunteer," Effie said happily. "What's your name?" She asked through the mic.

"Ivy Everdeen," I said quietly.

"Well, I bet my hat that was you sister, wasn't it?" She asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Let's have a very big hand for our very first volunteer, Ivy Everdeen," Effie said as she began to clap herself. Instead of clapping, everyone holds up their three fingers up. "Now, for the boys," she said walking over to the boys bowl and putting her hand in. She pulled one out and walked to the microphone. "Louis Tomlinson," she read. I looked into the boys to see if I reignited anyone by that name. I saw a very handsome boy, the same age as me walk up onto the stage. "I present district 12's tributes for the 74th annual Hunger Games! Come on you two shake hands," Effie demanded.

I looked over into the gorgeous boys sparkling blue eyes, he had lightish brown hair swept to the side and his features were perfect. What am I saying? One of us or both of us will be dead by the end of this. I shook his warm hand; I felt electricity shoot up my arm and butterfly's in my stomach.

"Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour," Effie said excitedly. I am a tribute for the Hunger Games...


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