Don't leave

Lily was Liam's little sister. He had left for tour, and he's finally coming back. What does she do when 2 boys fall for her? Who does she choose? Does Liam even let her choose? Does she tell best friends Rebecca and Matilta? What happens when the boys leave again?


15. I Miss You

**Lily`s P.O.V**

I woke up and showered. I didn`t have modeling today so i put on a lazy day outfit^^

I sat down on my bed and looked at my phone. I miss you Louis. Why hasn`t he texted me? I pulled my knees up to my face and stuffed my face into my knees. "Lily?" a voice asked. i looked up to see Matilta, Taylor & Kaitlyn. "we know you miss him. i miss Harry. Matilta Misses Zayn. Taylor misses Niall. we are here for you." Kaitlyn says. "it`s different. i broke up with him, and i regret that." i say starting to cry. "why?" Matilta asks. "you know i hate being seperated from him." i say. "you will see him in 2 weeks..... are you guys going to get together?" Taylor asks. "i hope but i think he hates me now." i say while wiping my tears. then my phone goes off. 

New text from Louis<3

it`s fine, i understand. just know i will always love you. and when we see each other in 2 weeks, if you want we could get back together.... i really hope you want to. i can`t see my life without you. i really love you lily.... 

i would love to get back together in 2 weeks. i can`t wait to see you.

"well i guess were getting back together." i say. "great now let`s have a movie day." Taylor says. we all sit down on the floor and Kaitlyn puts in The Conjuring. 

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