Don't leave

Lily was Liam's little sister. He had left for tour, and he's finally coming back. What does she do when 2 boys fall for her? Who does she choose? Does Liam even let her choose? Does she tell best friends Rebecca and Matilta? What happens when the boys leave again?


5. I can't....

**Lily's P.O.V**

I woke up and I smelled cologne. It was Louis, no it wasn't a dream. "Take a picture sweetchecks,  it will last longer." Louis said. I forgot I was staring at him. I giggle and I start to blush. I sit up but Louis pulls me back down "5 more minutes" Louis whispered in my ear, "we have to get up." I say while jumping on top of him. "But why get up when we could cuddle." Lou said while jumping over me. He stares into my eyes and I stare back. I think I want to kiss him, "well lets get up." he said. "No im good." I giggle as he crashes his lips onto mine I pulled out and look at him. "Your so beautiful." He says while tucking my hair behind my ears. I blush "Lou we can't date, Liam wouldn't allow it." I say. I go to shower and I get out and brush my wavy blonde hair. (A/N I think I might start showin pictures of the outifits.) i go to my closet and slip on this: 

I put on a bunh of braclets on my wrists to cover up my cuts. I walk downstairs and Matilta and Rebecca hugged me. I gave them a small smile. I sit at the table beside Niall and Harry and everyone stares at me. Afterwards Liam pulls me to his room. "Lily, i think i should let you date someone, so you can feel safe and i know you like Harry and Louis." He says. "Uhhh are you saying?" I ask "yes you can date Harry or Lou, If you want." He says. "Thank you." I say as i hug him. "I'll still be watching." He says. I walk out smiling and Everyone stares at me. "Uhm Lily?" Matilta says. "Yes?" I ask. "Im dating Liam." Rebecca says. I get angry, she promised. I charge at her but Zayn grabs my hips but i kick him in the balls. I run up and punch her in the face. Liam runs up to her, "why did you do this?" Liam asked. "Sh- she.... she promised!" I screamed while starting to cry. I grab my zip up black north face jacket off the hook and run outside. The cool winds hit my face. I run because someone is chasing me, but he gets mobbed by fans. I run into starbucks and order an hot chocolate. I sit down and get on my iphone 5. "Well nice of you to leave me." Harry says as he comes up and sits beside me. "Harry Im not in the mood for your flirtt checkyness right now." I say. 'Or should i say hot flirty cheeckyness.' I think in my head but accidently say out loud. He gives me a smirk and i blush and look down at the floor. "Thanks for the compliment, Lily I really like you." Harry says. "I- I like you to." I say. I decided I want Harry to be mine. I grab my hot chocolate and walk outside. "Wanna go to the park?" He asks. "Sure." I say and we walk and we go to the gazebo. He starts playing music from his phone. "May I have this dance?" He asked. I nodded y head and giggled. We slow danced for while and then he looked me In the eyes and crashed his lips on mine. I kissed back and are lips moved in sync. Lots of flashes but i don't care. I pull out. "Lily, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "Yes." I say as i peck his cheek. "We better get home." He says. "Yeah." I say as i finish my hot chocolate. He laces his fingers with mine and we walk back like this. 

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