Not my lover now

Kari Cast and Luke are just friends living together.
But why does Luke get jealous at random guys? Why does he defend her every chance he gets?
Just as kari starts to move on Luke pulls kari back in. Determined to get over him kari does the impossible.
What is it?
Well to find out read.
Book 2 of him and her.


14. Realization

The whole day was filled with getting ready. It was boring. Then she finally walked across to Matt.

Kari realized a little too late that Matt wasn't the one for her.

By then she was listening to Matts vows.

It was sweet, and So...


That was the problem.

He wasn't Luke.

Matt didn't tell her she was beautiful. Or start random cake fights that made her day.

He didn't even make her smile the whole day...

There was lots of reasons why she couldn't marry Matt.

So when the minister said "Kari, do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband, for better or worse?"

Kari said...

"I-" She looked around. People were expecting her to say 'I do.'

Seconds went by.





"No." Kari finally gave her answer. "I can't marry this man."

Matts face went surprised.

Then she picked up the ends of her dress and fled.


Kari ran back to Matts.

Tears spilled all over, making her makeup smear.

She started to pack her stuff.

Then she felt a hand roughly turn her around.

There was Matt.

His face was dark.

All of a sudden, a sharp flash of pain hit her cheek.

Kari fell to the floor, holding her cheek.

"You bitch." Matt said.

He removed something from his face.

Kari gasped. "N-no. It can't be."

"Oh yes. I'm afraid it's true." He smiled.

"Y-your..." Kari trembled in fear.

"Yes I'm Brett. Your old boyfriend." Brett/Matt smiled.

If you don't remember Brett is from her and him.

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