Not my lover now

Kari Cast and Luke are just friends living together.
But why does Luke get jealous at random guys? Why does he defend her every chance he gets?
Just as kari starts to move on Luke pulls kari back in. Determined to get over him kari does the impossible.
What is it?
Well to find out read.
Book 2 of him and her.


7. "Luke happened."

Matt was out for hours.

Kari got a little worried. Not enough to disturb her sleep.

She ended up falling in a deep sleep.


Kari was in Luke's old room. Her back was to him. He had his arms around her waist.

They were sleeping. Or trying to.

Luke kept pulling Kari's undies down.

They made a deal. Luke would let Kari sleep if she slept in her underwear.

So far he broke the deal serval times.

"Come on, Kari!" He whined.

"No!" She said stubbornly.

He leaned toward her ear, shifting his body closer.

"I love you." Suddenly Kari was putty in his hands.

She turned to his face.

Kari wanted to say 'I love you.'

But it wasn't Luke. It was Matt.


Kari shot up from bed, just as Matt stumbled in.

Kari turned on the light.

She gasped.

Matts face was covered in bandages.

"Matt what happened?" Kari asked concerned.

Matt turned to face her.

He looked in the eyes, his anger clear.

"Luke happened."

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