Not my lover now

Kari Cast and Luke are just friends living together.
But why does Luke get jealous at random guys? Why does he defend her every chance he gets?
Just as kari starts to move on Luke pulls kari back in. Determined to get over him kari does the impossible.
What is it?
Well to find out read.
Book 2 of him and her.


3. date time-part 2

Kari had been having a great time with her date. That is until Luke showed up.

Kari had been laughing at Arthur's joke, her date when Luke walked in.

With a girl on his arm. He looked around until he saw kari. Then he started to walk over.

"Um I have to go to the bathroom. See you in a moment." Kari told Arthur and walked off.

As she walked past Luke she felt a touch on her butt.

Kari yelped and glared at oh so innocent Luke. With a humph kari walked off to the bathroom.

Kari straightened her hair out. She heard a door open. Then a locking sound?

Kari spun around. There was Luke. He strode towards her.

Without warning kari was crushed against Luke's chest. She inhaled him for a moment.

Then shoved him away. "No Luke I'm not your plaything."

He opened his mouth to but a loud knock silenced them. Kari jumped.

She unlocked the door leaving a dumbfounded Luke. Without warning kari bumped against a chest.

She looked up to a beautiful man.

He was more lanky than muscular, with big hazel eyes. His brown hair really messy.

"Sorry about that ma'am." The guy had a slight accent. It was southern.

Kari blushed. "No problem. My names kari."

"Names Matthew. Most people call me Matt. Wanna ditch this place?"

Kari did a stupid thing. Luke came out of the bathroom just as kari said yes.

Kari felt already close to this Matt. They left arm in arm.


They stopped at a Dairy Queen.

"So is this like our first date?" Kari asked while standing in line.

"Suppose. I don't usually do this. But your a pretty little darling. I just had to know ya." Matt scratched the back of his neck, awkwardly.

"Oh I get that. I had to see you you. Plus I never do this either." Kari responded.

They were in the front of the line now. Kari ordered a banana split. With extra chocolate.

Matt ordered the same.

"My mama says food is the best time to know a girl." Matt spoke.

Over the course of waiting they found out a lot about each other.

Matt lived in the southern countries. His mama was his only family.

They ate while talking. Kari actually liked Matt.

He was funny. Nice. Plus he had a soft spot for his mama. The guy was too adorable when he talked about her.

Matt drove kari home. She gave him directions.

Matt walked kari inside. He looked into her eyes. Them leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Kari enjoyed it. It was as soft as a feather.

When she opened her eyes he was gone. Instead his number was in her hand.

Call me sometime. The note said.

Kari giggled as she went inside. Her blood froze when she saw Luke on the couch.

With a girl.

"Um...hi." Luke's head snapped up. He looked at kari.

The girl left for a some reason.

"Well I'm tired. Night." Kari was about to go when Luke grabbed her.

"Oh my kari. My heart beats for you. Can't you hear it?" Kari leaned back in his arms. Sure enough his heartbeat sped up.

Kari broke out of his grasp. Then ran to her room.

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