Not my lover now

Kari Cast and Luke are just friends living together.
But why does Luke get jealous at random guys? Why does he defend her every chance he gets?
Just as kari starts to move on Luke pulls kari back in. Determined to get over him kari does the impossible.
What is it?
Well to find out read.
Book 2 of him and her.


2. date time

Kari got ready. She did a once over on herself.

"Damn." She heard a familiar voice behind here.

Kari spun to face Luke. His eyes raked over her body trailing fire.

"T-Thank y-you." Kari stuttered.

"What's it for?"

"Huh. Oh for my date." Kari turned back to her mirror only to be turned back again.

Luke's eyes darken slightly. Kari's heart stopped for a moment.

"You. Are. Not. Going. On. A. Fucking. Date."

Kari snatched her wrist out of his hand. "Fucking watch me." She snarled in his face.

He looked a bit shocked.

Before Luke could recover kari was gone.

Kari's date was a gentlemen. He opened doors for her. Made sure she liked the restaurant.

The drive there was filled with questions.

It was going perfect until Luke showed up with his date.

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