Not my lover now

Kari Cast and Luke are just friends living together.
But why does Luke get jealous at random guys? Why does he defend her every chance he gets?
Just as kari starts to move on Luke pulls kari back in. Determined to get over him kari does the impossible.
What is it?
Well to find out read.
Book 2 of him and her.


12. Cake tasting-Part 2

Kari got out of her car.

"What do you want Luke?" Kari sighed.

"Nothing at all." Luke smiled at her.

Kari's heart stopped for a moment.

"Except you." Luke said stepping closer.

"No. I'm getting married." Kari backed away from him.

"Have you forgotten? Kari you've been fucking me for three months."

Kari gasped at his words. "Leave me alone."

Then she walked inside the shop.

A blonde receptionist was checking out her sparkly nails.

"I'm here for cake tasting." Kari told her.

The blonde looked up. "You need two people-"

"She has me." Luke's voice sounded deep.

Very deep.

"N-" Luke's face made her stop.

They went in together. Kari glared at his back.

The room was full of fancy things, and people.

Kari felt out of place.

She and Luke sat in the middle of the fancy room.

The table they sat at was filled with cakes. All kinds.

Kari's mouth watered.

A giggle made her look away. Everyone was laughing at her.

Kari's face went scarlet red.

Kari wanted tried a piece a cake.

But Luke snatched it out of her hands before she could.

"Give it back." Kari growled at him.

"Okay, if you say so." Luke had on a evil smirk.

Next thing you know is the cake was smeared on her face. Gasps were heard all around.

So kari did the smartest thing she could think of.

She picked up another piece of cake, and shoved it in his face.

That was how there cake war got started.

Cakes were thrown across the room. Kari laughed, Luke's face brightened.

Then he crossed the room.

All of a sudden Luke was close. Too close.

She peered through her lashes at him, meeting his beautiful blue-green eyes.

Luke leaned in closer...

"What is going on here?" A voice made them jump apart.

The manager kicked them out.

Kari was about to walk back to her car, only to be stopped by Luke.

"Hey kari..." He trailed off.

"Yes?" Kari said pissed off.

"You look beautiful, today." Then Luke was gone.

Kari smiled.

Maybe the day wasn't so bad after all.

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