1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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6. Tia & Harry

Fuck Buddies:
Same routine everyday he gets up grabs his clothes and leaves without saying a single word and it pisses me off that I try to show affection towards him but somehow he ends up rejecting me I guess I'm just his fuck buddy and nothing more or less it happens like that everyday he just leaves and it breaks my heart because I love this man.. i'd do anything for him..I just wish he loves me as much as I love him...I now realize the expression "love hurts" and honestly it does I've never felt the way I feel towards Harry I love him so much it hurts.. it hurts more that he doesn't love me back... well my family always seems to make me feel better that's why I invited them for dinner...Now I'm just standing here in the kitchen cooking and waiting for my parents to come.. It's 3 they're going to be here at 4 so I changed into my black low cut dress and my black Converse then there was a knock at the door so I ran down the stairs and fell before I reached the second to last step.
"Ouch" I said rubbing my butt in pain and I opened the door
"Mom,Dad I'm glad you could make it..come in come in" I said dragging my mother inside we ate talked and before I realized it was 8 and then there was another knock at the door I opened it and behind the door was..Harry
"Harry! Come in! How unexpected!" I yelled
"Tia we need to talk" he said
"Now's not the time Harold" I said pointing at my family who was sitting in front of us
"No, it's extremely important!" he yelled
"Fine" I said taking him up to my bedroom
"Yesterday...I realized that I wasn't just fucking you I was making love to you" he whispered loudly
"Y-you love me?" I asked
"Yes... I didn't know exactly how to tell you so I need to show you" he said
"Uhm you kinda just did....Can't this wait?" I asked he shook his head
"Fine Harry" I said and walked out of my bedroom and went towards the kitchen where my family was "Sorry to cut your visit short but my friend needs my help and it's kinda a personal matter"
"Ohh it's alright dear we will come back tomorrow" my mother said
"Thanks mom...I love you" I said as I kinda pushed them through the door
"bye sweetie see you tomorrow" my father said as he got in his car i waved and went back inside and got attacked by Harry 
Harry's lips traveled down to my lips and onto my neck, I bite my lip, closing my eyes and enjoying
Harry's teeth bite down onto my neck,sending chills up and down my body. I gasp softly "H-Harry."
"Yes Baby?" He purrs.
"P-Please don't tease me." My voice is low, barely a whisper, the things this man does to me, I swear
He smirks softly," I can do whatever I want.  This is your punishment. It's what you get for wearing that low cut dress." with this Harry leans down and kisses my neck again. I moan lightly, tugging at his curls. His tongue comes in touch with my neck, earning more chills down my body and moans out of my mouth.His tongue swirls onto my neck, his teeth bite down softly at the sore skin, probably leaving a mark.
"Marked" he says " So they know you're taken" I bite my lip harder "Mine" he growls "You're mine. Got it babygirl? All mine. No-one else can have you."
I nod, "Y-Yours."
Harry smirks lightly, "Good girl. Such  a good girl for Harry."
I moan softly. I loved when he talked like this "I'm your good girl Harry"
Harry nods, "Only mine. No-one can fuck you but me." he hisses
I groan, "Ha-Harry p-please. I-I want you. I-I need you."
Harry smirks, "why, that's all you have to say beautiful" with this he drags me upstairs and pushes me down onto the bed "Let's make this a good night, shall we?"
Tonight he wasn't just going to fuck me he was going to make love to me the man that I love is going to love me back... and it's the happiest feeling in the world.He quickly pulled my dress off and I quickly removed his shirt and jeans...palming him through his boxers 
"Put that cock in your pretty little mouth,babe" he demanded I looked up at him and raised my eyebrow, letting him know that I was in charge
"Please" he breathed out, earning a smirk from me

Spreading the drops around the tip, I licked a line from the base up to the top of his dick.

"Oh shit, this is the hottest thing ever!" he muttered.

His breathing was rapid, his were eyes closed, and his chest was rising and falling at an increasing speed, as I sucked him off, bobbing your head as fast as you can.

"Shit!" he gritted. "Slow down, slow down," he panted. "Slow down, baby!" his jaw clenched, muscles tense. I didn’t dare stop nor slow down, making sure I stroked every bit of his cock while I swirled my tongue around his tip.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he hissed, steam nearly coming out of his nose with every breath. "Baby, I’m so close. Please! You need to stop! Fuck!" he begged, not wanting to come just yet.

Gripping onto his cock and pressing your thumb on his slit to delay his orgasm. I

"Relax, Harry" you teased. 

He sat down and I sat on his lap, your back to his chest, lowering yourself onto him.

"God fucking damn it!" he shouted.

His hands traveled to my nipples, twisting and pulling as I started to bounce on his cock. The sound of his grunts, my moans, and our skins slapping against each other filled the room.

"Ohh fuck, fuck that huge cock," Harry said in between thrusts, bucking his hips upward to meet mine.

I leaned back, resting on his chest as he kept fucking me, reaching forward over to my clit and rubbing furiously. Holding my breast, I rolled my hips to the rhythm of Harry’s thrusts.

Feeling him tense up, signalling that he was near again, I quickly got up, earning a groan from him. He started at me in shock, breathing heavily.

I straddled him and pushed him down on the bed, his back to the cushions. Leaning down to kiss him, I rubbed my hands on his chest, relaxing him.

"Breathe, baby" I encourage him. "I want you to cum with me," I muttered into the kiss.

My kiss made him simmer down. His hands grabbed my ass, moving me up and down. I humped his dick with my pussy, knowing how much he loved those ‘private lap dances’ as he would call it.

"Oh god, I love it when you do that," he moaned, kissing you.

When he had composed himself, I sat up and pushed him into me once more and started rolling my hips, making sure to let my clit hit his pubic bone, increasing my pleasure.

Harry went to hold my hips but I grabbed his hands and pinned them over his head, leaning down with my breasts dangling perfectly on his face.

"You feel so good," he whispered. "Don’t fucking stop."

"You like that, baby? Huh? Like that?" I teased, saying every word as you roll your hips harder and faster.

He sucked on my nipples, licking them up and down, side to side, and anywhere else that his tongue could land on.

"Yeah, baby…" he sighed.

Hitting my G-spot and clit at every thrust, you were at the brink of my orgasm.

"Are you gonna cum for me?" I cried out. "Fucking cum for me! Cum inside me!" I said nearly in a growl.

"I’m gonna cum inside your wet pussy, baby!" he shouted, nuzzling his face between my breasts. "Fucking fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he groaned as my walls clenched his dick, making me cum at the same time.

I buried my face in the crook of his neck as he bit my shoulder, shooting loads of cum into me in what seemed like the his strongest and longest orgasm so far.

He was moaning even after I came down from my high, not getting over what he’d just been through.

"You just fucked the living shit out of me, baby" he chuckled, kissing my cheek.

I giggled and kissed his shoulder down to his chest where you settled comfortably. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"Please…" he whispered, "let’s do that again tomorrow," his breathing slowing down.

"If you’re a good boy, maybe." I looked up at him and smirked, letting him know what he has to do to have you repeat this night.

Tia I hope you liked it I literally almost died...but it's okay as long as you liked it :) ~Lianette



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