1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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7. Tayla & Liam

Not everyone gets a happy ending: (You're Ashton's sister)
You just got home from dance practice. You walk inside the kitchen tussling your rugged hair and take a carton of orange juice out the fridge. You're listening to One Direction better than words on your phone with your headphones in. You: Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh!
One more time
Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh!
Better than words. Fuck the things I would do to you Liam Payne. You then bring the carton of orange juice to your lips taking a large sip. Ashton: Well hello sister. You spit take the orange juice you were drinking. You: fuck Ashton don't sneak up on....... You turn to him to see the boys in one direction and 5sos with him. You: um hello. How much did you guys see. Michael: The whole thing starting from your badly singing to you admitting to wanting to do some things to Liam. They all laugh. Calum: What would you do to my friend Liam here. He says patting Liam's shoulder. Liam is smiling brightly. Liam: Yeah what would you do to me. Your cheeks turn bright red. Harry: I hope you weren't thinking anything dirty. Louis: Such a dirty minded girl. They all laugh. You: It's not having a dirty mind but a sexy imagination. You take a apple out the fridge. You: Fuck you all. Zayn: I thought you wanted to do that to Liam all of them laugh. You give them the finger causing them to laugh even harder. You leave the kitchen laughing.
You go upstairs and shower. Getting dressed to go to your best friends party. You then head back downstairs. The boys are playing video games and some are on their phone. You walk pass them. Getting your house keys from out the kitchen. Ashton: where do you think your going. You: Out. Ashton: With who? There's a knock on your door. Your three best friends Jade, Dylan, and Kaylen are here. You open the door. You: them. (BTW you and you bffs are HOT) all of them walk inside. Ash had a major crush on Dylan. All the boys draw their attention to your best friends. Dylan: Hi guys. Kaylen: Guys can we go. I want to party now. You: Sure let me grab my purse. Dylan: Hi Ashton. Ash: Hey Dylan. You: Okay guys let's go. Jade: Bye fellas have fun. Boys: bye.
(When you leave)
Liam: No offense mate but your sister and her friends are pretty Hot. Ashton: No offense taken. My sister is beautiful. Michael: God I would love to bang jade. Calum: Yeah jade she's a hottie. Niall: Did you see Kaylen. Harry: Yeah Kaylen, I want her so bad. Luke: I would say I like Dylan but ash already into her. 
Meanwhile You and your best friend are getting drunk off your asses.
When you get home you're drunk as ever. And the boys are still there. Ashton is waiting for you when you stumble in. Ashton: Where have you been. You: Do it even matter. Ashton: Hell yeah of course it do when I'm taking care of you. You: You're not taking care of me. I take care of myself. Ashton: Oh so I don't. So who's house are you living in. Who supply you with food, water, and everything you need. You: Okay so what if you do take care of me. You're not dad and you'll never be so quit trying to tell me what to do. Ashton: I may not be dad, but I'm the closest thing you've got. You haven't done a thing since mom and dad past away. (You're parents past away a year ago in a terrible car crash) and to be honest you haven't even dealt with them being gone. Ashton says shouting at you. Luke: Come on dude let's go for a walk. You're pretty sure that all the boys are awoke now. You: I'm not dealing with it, I am dealing with it. I've been dealing with it for a year now. Ashton: Oh so getting too drunk to remember where and who you are is dealing with it. Having sex with random men is dealing with it. Leaving college is dealing with it. No you're not dealing with it because if you were, we wouldn't be having to go through this bull shit now. You feel the hot tears fall from your face. You: You try to make it seem like I'm some kind of whore in front of your friend. So what if I am. Ashton sighs Ashton: Tayla You: What you're sorry, you're always sorry. Just leave me alone Okay. you slam your room door and lock it. You angrily throw your things around your room. Trying to relieve your pain, screaming crying, not caring if the boys did hear you. You collapse unto your bed drunk and tired and frustrated. You begin to cry even more. You: Mommy, daddy I miss you so much. Why did you have to leave me alone. Why. You cry for about an hour until you've completely cried yourself to sleep.You wake up with a terrible hangover. You slowly walk to the bathroom to take a shower and brush your teeth. After you finish freshening up, you head downstairs. You wear dark shades due to your head hurting really bad. You walking in the kitchen to see all the guys in there. All of them staring at you, which is really starting to make you angry. You: what the hell are you all looking at. Michael: Morning best friend. You: Good morning Mikey. Niall: what's up with the sunglasses. You: Hangover, really bad headache. Ashton walks inside the kitchen. You get up and leave. Ashton: Tayla wait. You: No Fuck you. You continue to leave. You go out side the back yard and have a swing on the set that your father build years ago. You think about your parents. You hear footsteps and look up to see Liam. You: What do you want. What you're going to judge me too. Liam smiles. Liam: No who am I to judge anyone. I was just going to ask if you want me to push you. You: Um okay, sure. Liam walks behind you and begin to push you on the swing. You giggled every time he pushed you really high. Liam stands in front of you now. Liam: Okay now jump so I can catch you. You smile. You: No way. Liam: Why not, I'm going to catch you promise. You: Okay. You swing one more, and then you jump off the swing and land right on top of liam. You two fall to the ground laughing. Liam: Told you I was going to catch you. You: That was fun. You realize you're still laying on top of Liam and you hurriedly move. You: Oh I'm sorry. You get off him and lay next to him in the grass. You two stare at the clouds. You: Look a rabbit. You say pointing at a rabbit shaped cloud. Liam Laugh. You: Do you think I'm a screw up like Ashton said I am. Liam: No, of course not. I think you're smart, funny, and beautiful. You turn your body to him. You: You think I'm beautiful. He removes a stand of hair from your face. Liam: Of course I do. I wouldn't have said it if I thought otherwise. You: Thank you. No one only my parents and ashton has ever told me I was beautiful. Liam: Well the guys you were dating was blind. He take your hand and intertwine his fingers with yours. Liam: I think you should talk to Ashton, he really want to talk to you. You: Okay, but later. Let me enjoy this. You say squeezing Liam hand. Ashton's POV:I regret everything I said to her last night. Why did I have to do it. I was just so pissed I couldn't hold in. I wish mom and dad were here maybe things would have went differently. Although she was drunk the look in her eyes were complete sadness. I've caused her hurt with the things that I have said. I need to find her and talk to her immediately. Me: Luke have you seen Tayla? Luke: She's out back with Liam. Me: What is she doing with Liam? I leave to go out back. When I get out there she's laying down on the grass next to Liam. He's holding her hand and she's blushing. Liam: Your hands are so small. You laugh. You: So what. Look at your gigantic hands. Liam laughs. Liam: You got a point there. She looks so happy. Liam: Okay so if you could be a fruit any kind of fruit what would you be. She think for a minute. You: I would be fruit punch. Both of them laugh. Liam: That's not a fruit silly. You: So what, it have fruit in it. Liam: But it's a drink. You: Ugh okay smarty pants I'll be a kiwi. Liam: Kiwi, why. You: Because they're beautiful and green which is my favorite color. Plus they're very delicious. How about you. Liam: I would be a banana, because they have a great source of potassium. She laughs. I don't want to interrupt them so I turn to leave. You: Ash we're you going. I turn when I hear Tayla's voice. You: I want to talk to you. Liam stand up and leave. Liam: Later kiwi. She blush bright red and smiles. You: Later banana. He laughs. I sit down next to her. You: Look, I know I haven't been doing really well since mom and dad died, and I know your always down on me because you care. She begin to cry. You: And I'm sorry Ashton, I'm so sorry. I hug her tight. She buries her face in my neck. Me: It's okay YN. I'm sorry about what I said. I was just speaking out of anger. I didn't mean anything. She doesn't say nothing else. Me: I love you Tayla. We're all we got. You: I love you too ash. Later that day, you were watching Tarzan, with Ashton, Zayn, Louis and Luke. Liam walks through the front door with a pretty brunette girl. Ashton: Liam Who's the girl. Liam: I would like you all to meet my beautiful girlfriend Elsa. You: G-Girlfriend. Liam: Yeah, My girlfriend. He seems really happy with her, which causes your heart to ache. You: Oh. Um hello elsa. Elsa: Hi everyone. Tarzan comes to a end. You stand up to leave, not wanting to be around everyone. You: I'm just going be out back if anyone needs me. It was really a pleasure meeting you Elsa. You lay down in the grass,and gaze at the stars. The spring breeze felt amazing as it caressed your skin. You: How could he have a girlfriend, I thought he liked me. I was just fooling myself. What would Liam want with a girl like me. You feel the tears coming. You: No I'm not going to cry, I've done that enough today. you wipe the tears of your face. Looking at the stars give you an amazing idea. You: Back yard camping now where's daddy's tent. you run to the tool shed, and grab the tent. It takes you no time to put it up. You run inside the house frantically grabbing snacks from the kitchen laughing. Niall: What are you up to. You: Oh Nothing. You hurriedly run back outside. You then run inside and writing a Note to your best friend of all the boys Michael. Inviting him to your backyard camp out. Everyone is in the front room chatting with liam and elsa. You throw the note on Michael's lap laughing. You then wave goodbye and leave. Elsa: What's up with her. Ashton: Nothing she's always this way. Mikey reads the note and smiles to himself. He then leaves and come out back were you are. You got it all set up. Michael: So where do we start. He says laughing. You: How about, Tag your it. you say touching michael and running inside the house. Michael: Oh it's on. He say chasing you. You run inside the living room were everyone was they stare at you quietly. your laughing up a storm. You grab you star wars Life Saber out the closet. In came Michael Laughing. You point the star wars Life Saber at him. You : These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. you point the saber against michaels throat. Michael: Well May the force be with you. He takes the saber quickly out your grasp. Luke: You two are idiots. You: Hush Luke Skywalker. You hide from michael behind Niall. You: Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. Niall laughs. You then run leaving the front room laughing. Seconds later michael tackles you and begins to tickle you fiercely. You laugh loudly and screams for him to stop. your screams are heard throughout the house. Ashton: They love star wars well I do too. Harry: Liam: Are you okay, you look a bit sad. Liam: Oh what, nothing I'm fine. Liam was actually jealous of you and Michael's relationship as best friends.Later you and Michael eat some pizza and fall asleep together inside the tent. You wake up the next day with Michael arms around you. You move them away waking Michael up. He stretch. Michael: Morning Tayla You: Morning Mikey. You leave the tent. You walk inside the kitchen scratching your tangled hair which is everywhere. Calum, Harry, and Liam are in the kitchen. Liam is cooking breakfast. Calum: Morning bed head. He ruffles your hair. You push him away. You're not really a morning person. Liam looks at you and half smile. Liam: Good Morning Tayla. You blush a bit. You: M-morning Liam. Liam: Would you like some breakfast. You: Sure. Let me go um shower. You go upstairs and quickly shower washing your hair. You: Dry your hair and put on some clothes. You then head back downstairs. Ashton: Morning sister. He kiss you on the cheek. You sit down at the table. You: Morning. Liam: Here you go kiwi. You smile You: thanks. Harry: It is so hot out today. Zayn: We should all go to the beach. Michael: A beach day yay. 

Later That Day
You're getting ready for you all day at the beach. Ashton: YN are you ready yet. You: Hold on I'm coming. You head downstairs. Luke: Damn your hot Tayla. Ashton Playfully punch him in the chest. Ashton: That's my sister ass hole. You laugh. You: Thanks Luke. We can go now. Harry: FINALLY! You all leave. Once at the beach you see Liam brought Elsa! Your heart begins to ache soon as you see them two together. Elsa: Tayla, Tayla!! Can you come here. You walk over to where they were. You: Hi Elsa. You put on the best smile you can. Elsa: I didn't get the chance to properly meet you last night. You: Yeah I was kind of busy. So you're the only girl out of the group. You: Yeah. She smiles brightly. Elsa: Well not anymore. We should definitely hang out sometime. You: Yeah sure. Liam walks over and kisses Elsa. When he sees you his smile seems to fade a bit. You: Take care of him okay he's a really great guy. Elsa: Oh I will. She says smiling. She's a really nice girl. You: Well I leave you to alone. You turn to leave. Elsa: It was really nice meeting you Tayla. You: You too. You turn and hurriedly walk away as the tears you felt coming on begin to stroll down your face.You sit along the shore, letting the water splash against your feet. You begin to sing more than this. You: I'm broken, do you hear me. I'm blinded, cause you are everything I see. I'm dancing alone. I'm praying that your heart will just turn around. And as I walk up to your door, my head turns to face the floor, cause I can't look you in the eyes and say When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, It just won’t feel right, Cause I can love you more than this, yeah, When he lays you down, I might just die inside, It just don’t feel right, Cause I can love you more than this, Can love you more than this. You feel the hot tears stream down your face. You: why can't you see that I love you. Louis: Tayla that's you. You hurriedly wipe the tears from your face. You: Y-yeah. He sits beside you. You: Hey there Louis. Louis: Are you okay love. You: Yeah, fine. Louis: It's Liam isn't it. You: How do you know. Louis chuckles. Louis: You're quite easy to read. You love him don't you. You: yeah I do. Louis: Maybe you should tell him how you feel. You: I can't. Louis: Why. You:Because he's with Elsa. And she's smart, pretty and nice. She's perfect for him. And he seems so happy with her. And I don't want to ruin that for him. Louis: You got a point there. You: I'm a complete mess. The total opposite of her. I'm not good for him. Louis: You're not a mess. You're nice too and beautiful. And you're funny, and you're also one of the coolest girls I know. You: You mean that. Louis stands to leave. Louis: Of course I do. Later love. You: Thanks Louis. Louis: No problem. You stand up and begin to walk inside the water. The sun is setting you begin to swim in the deep waters. You stop swimming and just floated closing your eyes. After minutes of floating. You swim back to shore. You're walking out of the water, rinsing your hair. Michael: Best friend you look so hot right now. He screams at you. You laugh. Ashton push Michael. Michael: What she does. You: Thanks Mikey. You catch Liam is staring at you. Your eyes make contact. You hurriedly look away.  Niall: She does look hot though. Michael: I know right. Ashton: Boys remember that's still my sister.The week goes by really fast. You're driving home from community college, when you notice a familiar person. It's Elsa! She looks like she's waiting for someone. You stop at the red light. You look over to were she was. You then see a really tall handsome guy that isn't liam, appear from the apartment complex. She hug him and then kisses him passionately. A car hunk their horn at you. You look and see the light has turned green. You hurriedly pull off. You: That lousy two timing whore. How could she do this to Liam. You don't know rather to tell him or not. You hurry home. Soon as you get home you'll talk to Ashton. Maybe he'll know what to do. But he's not there. No one is there. Everyone is at band rehearsals. You then get an idea. You pull out your phone. You: Hello, Hi Elsa. This is Tayla. Can you come over. Elsa: sure. You: Okay thanks bye. Minutes later Elsa pulls up into your drive way. You invite her in. You two have a seat in the living room. You begin to speak. You: So today while I was driving home from community college, I saw you. Elsa: Okay. You: I saw you kissing a guy that wasn't liam, Elsa laughs. Elsa: Okay so. You: What do you mean so, you're Liam's girlfriend. Elsa: Am I. Or Am I just with him for the money. I believe it would be for the money. She laughs You: Liam is a really great guy, he don't deserve to be treated this way. I'm telling him. Elsa: No you're not. You need to mind your own damn business. You nosey bitch. She pushes you, and you stumble. You gain your balance and stand straight. You smile: You: Listen bitch, don't touch me. You shove her back. She slap you. You two begin to fight and honestly you we're winning. You were so into beating her ass you didn't even hear the boys come in. Liam: Tayla What the hell here you doing. Why are you fighting my girlfriend. Ashton pulls you off elsa. Elsa begins fake cry. Elsa: Oh liam, I just came here to see if you were home, and she just jumped on me like a wild animal. Liam: It's okay babe. He says hugging elsa tightly. You: You lying whore. Ashton let me go now. Liam listen to me, Elsa is a back stabbing, cheater. I saw it with my own two eyes. Liam: You're just so jealous of me and Elsa relationship. Why cant you just let me happy. You: she's lying. She said she was only using you for your money. Elsa: Babe who are you going to believe her, or me. Liam: Of course I believe you pumpkin. He then turn to you. Liam: I can't believe you would do something so wrong like this. First fighting her and then lying on her. You: But Liam. Liam: Just leave me alone okay. Stay out of our lives. You: Fine don't believe me. You back away from everyone with tears in your eyes. You: I hope your truly happy with the choice you just made. She's just going to break your heart. You say crying. You then run leaving the house. Ashton: Tayla wait. He chase after you.You get in your car and drive away really fast. Ashton return to the house when he see that you left.A week later
You haven't been back home in a week. Don't nobody know where you are because you turned your phone off. And everyone is worried sick about you, especially Ashton. He's on the verge of losing it. You're planning to return home today, but not now you're visiting your parents grave site. You've been doing that a lot lately. You lay down between both of their graves. You: Mom, Dad I'm so lost. I don't know what to do. I wish you were here to tell me the right thing to do. The wind begins to blow and some weird reason you get the feeling that your parents are there. You feel their presents all around you. You: Mom, dad, I can feel you. I know you're here. Please tell me what should I do. Should I just stay away. Or should I go back home. The wind blow strong, blowing your hat of your head. Your hat fly and lands on your car. You: I'm guessing you want me to go home huh. The wind blow stronger. You: Okay, Okay I'm going. The wind then calms. You stand and begins to leave. You kiss your mom and dad tombstone. You: Thanks mom and dad. I love you both and miss you. You then walk towards your car. You stop at the hotel you were staying in for the past week. You shower, change your clothes and check out. You drive home taking your time getting there. Preparing yourself. You finally make it to the house. You feel so nervous walking up the front porch stairs. You quietly walk inside. Zayn: Oh my god Tayla. He hurriedly stands from the couch and hugs you. Michael: Zayn did you say Tayla was... Tayla. Michael runs and hugs you tightly. Michael: I missed you best friend. All the boys come hugging you asking you were have you been. All except Liam and Ashton. You: Hi guys I missed you all too. Where is Ashton. Calum: He's been in his room for 3 days now. You: Okay. You leave and go upstairs to Ashton room. You knock. Ashton: Go away. You walk inside anyway. Ashton: Didn't I say don't.... When he see you he stop speaking. Ashton: Tayla. You: Yeah. He stands and walks over to you. He hugs you. Ashton: I missed you so much. He kiss your head. Ashton: I don't care were you where or what you did, just don't ever leave like that again. He squeeze you tighter. You: I promise I won't leave again.It's been a month since you fought Elsa, and last spoken to Liam. He moved out the house you all shared. Today you had a music gig at a local cafe. You had musical talent also, just like your brother Ashton. Lately college and music has been the only thing you've been up to. You invited all the boys to your gig, they never heard you sing including Ashton so of course they were all excited. All were invited except liam. You were so nervous waiting to perform. Ashton: Don't be nervous, calm down you're going to be fine. In the crowd you see the other boys and LIAM. You: What is he doing here. Ashton: He misses us and you. Your name is called by the owner of the cafe. You grab your guitar and leave. You have a seat on the stool they had set up for you next to the microphone. You bring the microphone closer. You: Hi everyone, my name is Tayla. And I'm going to be performing The Only Exception By Paramore. The boys clap loudly screaming your name. You begin to play the correct chords of The Only Exception. You close your eyes and begin to sing from your heart. You: When I was younger I saw my daddy cry, And curse at the wind. He broke his own heart and I watched, As he tried to reassemble it.
And my momma swore That she would never let herself forget. And that was the day that I promised I'd never sing of love if it does not exist. But darling, You are the only exception. You sounded really great. As you played your nervousness soothed and you were able to play without difficulty. You: I've got a tight grip on reality But I can't let go of what's in front of me here. I know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up. Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream. Oh-oh-oh-ohhh.
You are the only exception. 
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception. 
And I'm on my way to believing.
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing.
The crowd stands and applaud loudly. Ashton: That's my sister Everyone, that's my sister. He screams. Michael: That's my best friend. After your performance the boys take you to a little party they thrown you to celebrate. You're talking to Dylan when You feel someone tap on your shoulder. You turn to see liam. Liam: Hi um Tayla. He look at the ground. You: H-Hi Liam. Liam: You were amazing. You: Thanks. Liam: I got you this. He hand you a box, inside was a pretty good neckless. You: Thanks it's beautiful. Liam: You're beautiful. You smile blushing. You: Thanks. Liam: You were right about Elsa. I'm so sorry for doubting you. You: It's okay. I Forgive you. You say taking his hand in yours. Louis: Stop flirting and just kiss her already. Liam smiles brightly. He takes your face in his hand. Liam: I would love to. He looks you in the eyes and kisses you softly.. Liam: I love you Tayla. You're my only exception. He then kisses you softly again. Ashton: Liam stop kissing my sister. Everyone laugh. You: I love you to Liam. You then kiss him.

3 Months later....
You: Have you guys seen liam. You ask Calum and Niall as you run downstairs from your bedroom. Calum: He's out back. You: Thanks cal. You run out back to see liam laying in the grass sleeping. You creep over quietly. You then gently sit on top of him. You move a strand of hair out his face. You trace his lips with your finger tips. Liam: Were you planning on kissing me while I was sleeping. You laugh. You: No. Liam smile and open his eyes. Liam: Shoot, I really wanted one too. You: Oh shut up. You then bend over and kisses him on the cheek.. Liam: Can I have another one, but right here. He say pointing to his lips smiling causing you to laugh. You: You're a greedy one aren't ya. Liam: Only for your soft lips I am. You then bend over and kisses him softly on the lips. You sit back up. Liam: You are so beautiful and I love you so much. I love your hair, (he says stroking your hair), your eyes, your smile. I love your small hands, and they way they fit in mines. (He intertwine you two hands) I love the way you blush every time I tell you you're beautiful. I love your laugh, your cute little nose (he kiss your nose causing you to smile) the way you walk, talk and laugh. I love the way I can feel you smiling when we kiss and every time we do kiss I feel sparks and also butterflies inside. I'm just completely and madly in love with you. You: I love everything about you too liam. I love your cute but also nice butt (you two laugh). I love your beard, your beautiful brown eyes, the way you smell when you're fresh out the shower. I love your personality, the way you kiss me, the way I can feel your heart racing when we cuddle. I'm also completely and madly in love with you too. Remember you're my only exception. He smiles. Liam: And you're mines. He kisses you softly once more and lay back down. 
You're driving home from school when you get a text from liam. It read "Meet me at the park by the giant oak tree, I need to talk to you." You excitedly head to the park. When you get there liam is waiting for you. Your excitement leaves when you see the expression on his face. You know something is up. You walk nervously over. You: Hey liam, what's up. Liam: Oh huh sorry what did you say. You: Are you okay. Liam sighs deeply. Liam: No I'm not okay. You step a bit closer. You: Why what's wrong. Liam: My father he's been really Ill lately. You: Yeah, I know you told me that already. Liam: His sickness is getting worse than before. Doctors say that he needs a special operation in order to survive. You: Okay. He should be fine then after the operation. Liam: Yeah but you see they don't do the operation here in (whatever state or country you live in). They only perform it in (different state or country). After the surgery Is done doctors says he's going to need a few months of physical therapy. So that means me and my family have to move. Your heart stop. You: well then I'm coming with you. Liam sighs and looks at the ground. Liam: No you're not. You can't. You must stay here with ashton and the other boys. You feel the tears coming on as he spoke to you. You: What's going to happen to us? Liam face shows no expression at all. Liam: I don't think us communicating long distance is going to work out. I think we should just forget us and move on to other people. The tears that you felt coming are now rolling down your cheek. You: Forget us. How can I possibly forget us. You choke out. Liam: You'll find a way I promise you would. You Grab liam sleeve. You: Please don't do this to me, please don't go. I love you. My life is not worth living without you. You whisper. Liam: I love you too, but I have to go my family need me, and you have to stay. And please don't do anything reckless, for Ashton sake. He needs you. He then turn and walk away beginning to leave. You follow after him. You: Liam wait. He turn to you pulling you into his embrace. He then smash his lips against your. He wipes your tears away with his thumbs. He then plants a soft kiss on your forehead. Liam: Goodbye Tayla. He then turn and leave you. You: Liam no wait please. You say chasing after him. You trip and fall landing on your butt. You watch as liam pull away in his car. Liam watches you with tears in his eyes through the car door mirrors as he pulled away. He quietly whispers "I'll always love you." You sit there not moving feeling the pain of holes tearing in your heart, for hours til the sun fell and it was complete darkness. It began to rain on you terribly, but you didn't care you felt as numb as your heart. You here voices. Of michael and the others boys in the distance. Harry: Do any of you see her yet. Calum: No. Niall and Louis: No. Luke: No sign off her. Michael sees you sitting in the distance. Michael: Ashton over here. I found her. Ashton comes running over you were you're at. He picks you up off the ground as he wrap a blanket over your cold shivering body, in his arms. Ashton: Shit. You had me worried sick. You're so cold you're shivering. In Ashton arms you suddenly felt the need to cry. You: He's gone, he's gone. He left me. Ashton stroke your wet hair. Ashton:I know. It's okay, it's going to be okay. Luke start the truck. Ashton puts you inside the car. Ashton: Here Louis and zayn, you two drive her car home. He hand Louis the keys. You all drive home.4 Months Later......
It's been four months since liam left, And your not doing well at all. During the first month you became suicidal, and attempted many times to kill yourself, but with the boys being there you were never able to succeed so you just stopped trying. After that for the last three months you've been mute. You don't talk to anyone, you don't eat, you're lifeless, like a zombie. Only time you leave the house is when you go to community college. The only two places you ever go is in the back yard were you and liam spent most of you guys time when he was there and your room. And every night you'll have nightmares, reliving the day that liam walked out of your life. You'll be screaming loudly crying in your sleep, waking Ashton up every night, he'll come running in trying to calm you down after a month of doing so he just stopped coming in your room at all. You haven't spoken to liam at all since he left. Today you were sitting in your back yard on the porch as usual staring blankly into space, when Michael comes and sit beside you. Michael: Hey best friend. (Nothing) Michael: Talk to me please. I hate seeing you like this. ( Nothing) Michael: I miss talking to you. I miss my old happy, and playful best friend. (Nothing). Michael now getting frustrated. Michael: How long is you're going to keep this up before realizing that Liam's never coming back for you. You felt the hole in your heart tear a little bigger. You wince in pain holding your chest, tears began to flood down your face. You stand up quietly and leave going upstairs to your room. Michael comes inside where all the boys in the front room are sitting. Michael: Ashton, we seriously need to get Tayla some help. Louis: It's like she's here, but she's not here. Niall: I'm like seriously worried about her. Harry: Me too. Luke: She's been like this since liam left and that was over four months ago. Ashton nods in agreement to everyone's saying. 

Later that night....
You're laying in bed after you just got out the tub, staring at the ceiling listening to the radio. Suddenly The Only Exception By Paramore play, you think about liam instantly because that was you guys song. You feel the hole in your heart tearing larger and larger. You suddenly snap and begin to throwing your things around in your room breaking it. While also crying and screaming. The boys overhear you. Zayn: Should we go see about her. Ashton: No she's fine. Afterwards you sit in your totally disastrous room and just stare blankly crying softly. Hours later you fall asleep on your bedroom floor. Ashton comes inside and sees you. He picks you up and lays you in bed. He pulls the covers over you and kisses your forehead. Ashton: I really hope you get better. I miss you. He then leave your room. You wake up soon as your for shut. You over hear Harry and Ashton talking to someone on the phone. Harry: She's not doing so great bro. Ashton: She's a total wreck. She doesn't do anything at all she doesn't even talk to anyone. She's been living in complete hell every since you left. Harry: And so have we. You immediately know who they're talking to Liam! 
You stop eavesdropping, and go inside your room and quietly cry yourself to sleep. 

(Harry, Liam and Liam conversation)
Harry: So how is your dad is he okay. Liam sighs deeply. Liam: No. His voice crack. Liam: The operation went well, but it didn't actually worked as good as planned. He passed away a few days ago. He begin to cry. Ashton: I'm so sorry bro. Harry: Me too. Liam: I was actually calling to ask you guys to come to his funeral, I really need you guys here for support. Ashton: Of course we're here for you bro. Harry: When is the funeral. Liam: it's in a few days. Harry: We'll let the other boys know tomorrow, well try to leave as soon as we can. Liam: Okay, see you soon. Love you guys. Harry: Okay see you Love you too. Ashton: Hang in there mate. The phone call then end. 

Next Day...
You're sitting in the backyard as usual staring blankly. Ashton comes sit beside you. Ashton: Hey little bug (Nothing). I spoke to liam. (Nothing) His father past. Your heart crumble to pieces, you begin to cry. Ashton: He wants us to come to the funeral. You: I'm not going. You whisper. Ashton: He needs you more than any of us. You: I don't care. It's going to kill me if I do. Ashton: Well we're leaving tomorrow at 6 o'clock am, if you change your mind (Nothing). He stand up and leave. The next morning your awake listening to the boys leave. Ashton comes to your room. Ashton: We're leaving. You look at him. Ashton: See you later little bug ( nothing). He kiss your cheek. They leave you alone, you hear the door close. 

(2 days later When the boys make it to different country or state)

Liam: where's Tayla. Niall: She didn't come. Ashton: She said it would be too hard for to come along. Liam expression changes, a look of sadness. Liam: Oh, I really wanted to see her. Louis: You wouldn't want to see her now. She look horrid. Zayn: She lost a lot of weight. Michael: You leaving took a really big toll on her. She stopped living. Harry: Guys we're going to be late to the funeral. At the funeral Liam had to help his mom because she couldn't deal with the thought of her husband passing. She couldn't stop crying.
(You at home)
It's been two days since the boys left. You didn't do nothing but showered and sat in your room and stared out the window. Sometimes you'll eat but not that much. Today the boys was to return you're sitting in the yard as always staring blankly. You hear Ashton scream from inside. Ashton: we're back little bug. (Nothing). Ashton: We have a surprise for you. (Nothing)
You continue to sit and stare. Ashton: You're not going to come see the surprise. (Nothing) Ashton: I guess not. You here footsteps and feel someone sit next to you. "Hey there beautiful!" The voice, you know that voice. But it can't be who you think it is. You turn your head to see that the person was exactly who you thought it was. Your eyes grow large in amazement. You: It can't be, L-Liam. He smiles. Liam: Yeah. You: Am I dreaming, I must be. Liam caress your cheek. Liam: No you're not. It's me and I'm here with you. You begin to cry. Liam: What wrong. Why are you crying. You: Because this is a dream, I know it is. And when I wake up you're going to be gone. Liam: What do I have to do to prove to you you're not dreaming. He then takes your face in his hands and kisses you softly and passionately. He then pulls away. Liam: Are you convinced now that I'm here and you're not dreaming. You: Liam, it is you. You hug him tightly. You begin to cry in his chest. He hugs you tightly back. You: I'm sorry about your dad, so sorry. He hugs you tighter and put his face in your neck and kiss it softly. Liam: It's okay. He no longer have to suffer, he's in a better place. You: I missed you so much. Liam: I know. I also missed you more than you can imagine. These last few months have been complete hell. You: Are you leaving again. Liam: No not ever again. I need you, I can't go another day without you. You cuddle close to him and listen to Liam's heartbeat, Still the same as you remembered. You: What's going to happen to your family. Liam: they're moving back here with my aunt, until my mom is able to get back on her feet. Which might take a while. You: I don't ever won't you to leave me again. Liam: Don't worry, I won't. He wipes your tears away. Liam: I love you more than anything. You're my only exception remember. And I promise to help heal your heart. He kisses you softly once more. You smile when he kiss you like you've always done causing him to smile. Liam: You don't know how long I've been dying to feel that. He kiss you softly again, you whisper against his lips "I love you you too liam." He sits you on his lap and cradle you in his arms like a baby. You wrap your arms around his neck and burying your face and his chest. Liam: There's something I've been wanting to ask you. You: What is it. Liam: Will you marry me Tayla???

The End...I'm sorry Tayla :( Don't hate me I've got dem nerf guns in mah trunk tho!! ~Lianette

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