1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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3. Sarah & Zayn

Fairy Tales... I think Not

Sarah's POV:
"Zayn babe wake up" I yelled
"5 more minutes mum i need my beauty sleep" he groaned in his sexy morning voice and I hit him playfully 
"I'm not your mum and I'm quite offended" I said childishly
"Babe I'm sorry" he groaned getting up from bed "How can I make it up to you Sarah?"
"Well....today is quite a special day" I smiled hoping that he'd realize it's our 3 year anniversary 
"I'll be right back babe" he said and walked out
Zayn's POV:
Shit I forgot today's our 3 year anniversary... I think i could call in a few favors
"Babe I have to work today Emily called in sick" I heard Sarah yell perfect I thought to myself and i called in my first favor :)
Sarah's POV:
I went to my closet grabbed a grey tank-top my pink ripped skinny jeans and my grey Adidas and a pink snap-back and I hopped in the shower.. I got ready did my make-up straightened my hair and grabbed my phone I gave Zayn a kiss and went to work
*3 hours later*
"Uhm are you Sarah?" a man with a big bouquet of roses asked 
"Yes I'm her" I replied
"Here you go" the man said and handed me the roses I set them down and read the little card
 Vas Happenin? Hey Babe if you are reading this then you obviously got my flowers...before you walk inside check under the mat <3
~I love you~ Zayn 

I smiled and smelled the roses... aww I love my boyfriend he knows me so well I thought to myself I'm scared he might not like what I got him... I got him a ring that says "I will love you as long as you love me" I wonder what he got me
*Back at my house*
I walked up to the house and remembered that on the card I received today it said check under the mat so I bent down and lifted up the mat and there was a card that said
Hey baby turn around
so I did and behind me Zayn was on one knee "Sarah will you be mine Forever & Always even after we both die?" he asked
"Yes Zayn yes one thousand times yes" I smiled tears of joy streaming down my face 
"Don't cry love" Zayn smiled
"Shut up and kiss me" I said "And that is the story of when your father proposed to me" I said smiling at my two beautiful little girls

I hope you liked it Sarah :) ~Lianette 

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