1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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12. Sarah & Ashton

"Oh I'm so sorry" I mumbled not looking up
"It's okay" he said " I'm Ashton and you are?" he asked putting his finger on my chin lifting my face so I'd look at him
"I'm Sarah" I said shyly and ever since that day me and Ashton have been bestfriends
*End of Flashback*

3rd persons POV:

If anyone ever questioned your best friend’s love of drumming, you would simply laugh in their face. Because if anyone was passionate about playing the drums, it was Ashton Irwin. 

Four of your six classes at school were spent with Ashton, which meant four of your six classes were spent watching Ashton being repeatedly told off for drumming on the desk. He carried those drumsticks around with him as though they were actually attached to his hands. He’d drum on your locker door as he waited for you to collect your books, on the walls of the corridor as you walked to class, and on the tables in the classroom under the constant threatening glare of your teacher. Often, the teacher would confiscate the drumsticks, placing them at the front of the room out of Ashton’s reach. Your best friend would then proceed to cast longing looks at the two pieces of wood for the remainder of the lesson. 

But of course, he would improvise. Pens, rulers and protractors would add to the ever-growing pile on the teacher’s desk of drumming implements confiscated from Ashton until finally, he’d resort to simply using his hands, knowing the teacher could do nothing about it. 

When he’d drive you back to his house after school, he would drum against the steering wheel every chance he got - stop signs, red traffic lights, pedestrian crossings - anywhere the car would be halted for more than a second. You’d only laugh and smile at him fondly, loving the way his eyes lit up and his whole expression was pure joy when he was drumming.

Leaning against the wall in his practice space, you’d listen as he showed you the latest song he’d mastered on the drums. You loved the way his face contorted in concentration, not wanting to get anything wrong. When he finished, a grin would cross his face and he’d ask if you liked it - you’d always respond with praise. His talent was undeniable. 

So a few years later when you stood in the bustling and excited crowd at a 5 Seconds of Summer gig, you looked at the people around you carefully. The happiness in their faces as they shouted along to the songs being amplified throughout the venue made you smile, too. Thousands of people, all crammed into one space, all here to see you best friend and his band perform.

And when you looked up at the stage and saw that same look of joy that crossed Ashton’s face when he drummed on the table in school, that intense expression of concentration that proved how much he wanted to get it right, you knew it was an inarguable point; Ashton Irwin loved drumming. And nothing or nobody - no matter how famous he got - would ever change that

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