1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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5. Madi & Harry

"Ma-Madi do you wanna go to the prom with me?" another guy asked
"No I'm not going to prom" I replied simply the boy walked away sadly I felt guilty I hated to reject people
"Not going to prom?" I heard my bestfriend Olivia gasp
"What I don't want to go to prom and if I were to go I'd want to go with him" I said pointing at Harry
"Yeah then you're not going to prom" she sighed
"Thanks Liv I feel better" I said sarcastically
"You're Welcome anything to keep you away from my jerk of a brother" she smiled
"He's not a jerk" I said and looked at him to see he was staring at me intently I looked away and felt my cheeks burn "why is he staring at me? Do I have something on my face? Is something wrong with my hair? Or is there something in my teeth?"

"Earth to Madi!" Olive yelled
"What???!!" I asked looking back at my bestfriend
"Oh no! 'He's coming' come on lets get out of here" Olivia yelled and frantically ran away me being stupid I looked up to see who exactly "he" was, and it was "Him" as he walked towards Kamryn I quickly hid behind the locker and listened
"Hi Kamryn" he said
"Hi Harry" she said
"Kamryn...Do you want to go to Prom with me?" Harry asked
"Really?" she questioned and he nodded his head "Yes I'd love to go to prom with you" she smiled and hugged him, he released a relieved sigh and said "great are you coming over today?" he asked she shook her head and said "Can't have to take Amaris dress shopping" "Oh okay" "Bye Hazza I'll see you tomorrow" she smiled and left so I stopped listening and I started crying " LIV!!!? Where are you?" I yelled
"Over here" she whispered
"come on" I said "we're going dress shopping"
"YAAAAYY!!!" she yelled
"Come on let's go" I said and we went to the mall
"OH my god Madi I found 'THE' dress" Olivia yelled
"Great can we go now?" I yelled annoyed expecting to see Amaris and Kamryn show up "I wanna go home now... I wanna go watch some sappy movies and eat ice cream"
"Wow Madi.. I didn't think you were trying to get fat no wonder you didn't try out for cheerleading this year" Amaris said as if planned
"Uhm no I didn't try out for cheer cause I didn't wanna be near bitchy girls like you" I replied matter-of-factly
"excuse you" Kamryn hissed
"Calm your tits... Come on Olivia buy that dress and let's get out of here" I said
"Alright" she said paying for the dress then we went back to her place
"HARREY!! I'm home" Olivia yelled
"I don't care" he called back
"I don't care that you don't care" she replied
"I don't care you don't care that I don't care" he called back a bit confused I couldn't help but laugh the constant bickering between the two was hilarious
"OH my gosh tomorrow is prom" Olivia yelled
"I don't care I'm not going " I said
"You're not going" Harry questioned
"Yeah...I'm just going to stay home I'm not one for many social events" I mumbled
"Awe that's too bad...but may I ask why you aren't going" he asked
"I was waiting for the right guy to ask me he never did he ended up asking my arch enemy" I said with a shrug "Well sorry for wasting your time I have to go home" I said waving "Luv you Liv" I called as I walked out the door
*Next day*
Ugh spending my Saturday sitting on my couch watching horror movies. I'm sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for my cake to be done and listening to 5SOS....10 minutes till prom starts. My cake is done so I take it out of the oven and frost it..as I wait till it cools I'm sitting on the couch again watching another freaking movie were the stupid girl dies cause she falls. Then there's a knock on my door.. who could it be prom already started and I don't know many people. I open the door to see Harry
"What are you doing here I thought you were going to prom with Kamryn?" I questioned
"She ended up leaving me to go with Zayn and it was too late to find someone else to go with" he sighed
"Come in" I said gesturing him to come in
"Nice place" he complimented
"how'd you know where I lived?" I asked
"Olive told me" he said
"Nice....want some cake?" I asked he nodded his head
"Watcha watching?" he asked
"Stupid scary movies" I replied sitting on the couch with the cake
"Don't be greedy share" he said plopping down next to me
"Fine" I mumbled handing him the cake "just don't eat it all"
"Thanks" he said "so who were you waiting for to ask you to prom?"
"let's not talk about it" I whispered
"Come on Madi" he begged "you can tell me"
"Alright I wasn't going to prom unless....unless...you asked me" I mumbled
"Really?" he asked
"Yes" I replied
"I wanted to go with you but I heard you already had a date" he replied
"Who told you that?" I asked
"Kamryn and to confirm it I asked Amaris and Olive" he sighed
"THOSE BITCHES!!!!! No wonder Liv told me you were a jerk so that i'd believe her and not go with you" I cried
"Lemme make it up to you" he whispered
"O-okay" I whispered and he kissed me...oh my I've waited for this for the longest of times I kissed him back he licked my lower lip which made me moan and he took the opportunity and let his tongue explore my mouth our tongues fought for dominance and things began to heat up ..we made our way up to my room and before I knew it I was in my bra and underwear and he was in his boxers..
He sat back on the bed you straddled him kissing him and you bit his lip. You looked at his body tracing the tattoos and feeling his abs and you began kissing his neck grinding against him in just his boxers. He felt your boobs through your bra and he moaned.
You could feel him getting harder and loved the feeling of grinding against him like that. You then pushed him back and he leant on his elbows watching you move down as you rubbed him through his boxers and then taking off his boxers to feel his dick and using your tick to make him moan. You stopped and took off your underwear and bra “fuck” he said. You straddled him grinding against him and you both moaned as you kissed, he ran his hands simultaneously down your back making you shiver He got on top and began fingering you “You’re so wet.” “mm more” was all you could say. Harry started fucking you with 2 fingers making your back arch. “Harry I’m close” he stopped and kissed up your body then he rubbed his dick against you knowing you love it, you moaned and bit your lip.
“Ready baby?” he said “mmm”
He pushed into you and whilst slowly pushing into you so you could adjust he looked you in your eyes and said “I love you baby.” “I love you too” you said back.
He thrust into you faster as you moved your hips in sync with him. He would change between going hard and fast then going slow and deep.
You then went on top going back into control and put him in you and began riding him moving your hips in circles slowly occasionally and then going fast with Harry moving his hands on your hips so you went hard and fast. “I’m gunna cum” he said “Me too” you moaned back. Feeling him cum made your orgasm more intense. You straddled him and let your head lay on his shoulder.
"Madi I love you always have..ever since the day you came to my house to play with Olive" he smiled
"I've loved you since you pulled my pigtails in grade school" I smiled
"Madi will you be my girl?" he asked
"I wouldn't want it any other way" I smiled "I'm so glad I missed prom for this" you both couldn't help but laugh
OHHH!! Madi you are living the LIFE!!!! I hope you liked it :) ~Lianette

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