1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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9. Lauren & Niall

I walked the halls of school with my head down until suddenly I heard my name on the loud speaker "Lauren please report to the principals office"I stopped and had a puzzled look on my face what did I do I thought? Then I made my way to the principals office I walked in slowly looking up at a boy with blonde hair with sparkling blue eyes I was interrupted from my thoughts by the principal " hello miss Y/L/N this is Niall and you'll be showing him around this week" "Hi Sir" I looked up at the boy he was quite cute but boys never liked me so I'm not even gonna try he smiled at me then I guided him into the hall "Hello" he said in a sexy Irish accent ooh this boy I can't "Hi I'm Lauren, Niall was it...." I replied "yes" he said I showed him to his locket he put a few things in and he grabbed his schedule I looked at it and most of our classes were the same I showed him to our first class when we walked in we got a few stares and eye rolling Niall sat bye but then I had a feeling today was gonna change when the hottest girl came over to us and just had to introduce herself...."Hi I'm (the bitch you hate at school/whore lol in my case Desiree imma us her name k) Desiree" she said in her dumb voice "Hello I'm Niall" he said "well your cute so um sit with me and my friends at lunch" she said "maybe" Niall said she looked at him for a moment as if stunned he didn't say yes rite away "oh k" she said walking away clanking her heels Niall looked at me "so how's the teacher mean nice?" He asked "he's kinda nice but strict " ok " "um Lauren can I sit with you at lunch?" He asked before I could answer the teacher began the lesson......After class I bumped into Desiree she glared at me and said"watch were the fuck you walk" 
"Fuck off and go suck a dick" I replied she looked pissed and pushed me I fell into Niall before I could do anything I heard Niall's voice behind me "Hey that's not very nice" 
"Why do you care about that ugly bitch" Desiree said I was about to break the whores face but I was interrupted by Niall saying "because shes my girlfriend and she's not ugly!"......I finally got my balance and stared at Niall wide eyed he took my hand and we walked out of class down to the cafeteria in silence we got our food and sat down then I broke the silence "why did you say that?" "Um well she was mean" he replied "thanks but you know I could of beat the shit out of her" I said he chuckled and smiled at me but I don't know why "why are you staring at me?" I said "was I, I didn't notice" sorry he blushed did he like me? Probably not 
Before we could continue on Desiree and Autumn came over to our table and sat on either side of Niall I suddenly felt jealous "hi I'm Autumn" she said "hello I'm Niall" he replied "why don't you come sit with us ?" Desiree asked "because I'm sitting with my girlfriend" Niall replied getting up and sitting by me he put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him and I began to blush......The week for showing Niall around was over he pulled that girlfriend thing a few other time's but never really talked about it I just went along with it mainly to piss those whores off I thought he would have stopped talking to me by now but the bell hasn't rang yet and I saw him walking over to me "Hi" he said as he embraced me "can I come to your house after school I need help on some stuff" he said "sure" I replied then the bell rang and we went to class
*after school* 
I grabbed my bag and I saw Niall coming towards me we walked to the bus and sat by each other Desiree and Autumn sat in the seats in front of us they turned around and began to talk to us "Lauren um do you and Niall wanna come to the pool with me and a few friends tonight?" I didn't understand why she wanted us to go "maybe" I said then her and Autumn turned around then the bus came to a stop in front of my house and me and Niall got out I walked into my house my parents weren't home due to their busy work schedules me and Niall went up to my room and sat on the bed "Lauren I known you've noticed I kinda like you and I was wondering if you'd be my um um girl um girlfriend" he said a bit nervously "yes!" I said he smiled at me and pulled me into a hug........I woke up in Niall's arms it was 6:00pm and I was thinking about going to night swim at the pool with Desiree and Autumn but I'm not sure so I woke up Niall to ask him.......I asked Niall he said "I don't know they're quite mean""but I just wanna have a good time"I said "OK then but I need to stop home for some swim shorts" he said "OK but let me but grab my things first" I said he nodded I grabbed my one piece and shorts and walked into the bathroom to change I put my in a bun and i was ready then I grabbed some flip flops I grabbed Niall's hand and we went to his house which was a couple of blocks from my house I walked in he said his dad wasn't home I went into his room he grabbed a pair of swim shorts and a crazy mofo shirt he went into the bathroom and then came back he put the outfit on then we began to walk to the pool when we got there I saw Desiree and Autumn they looked like complete whores barely wearing anything me and Niall walked passed them to my surprise Niall didn't even acknowledge them he spoke to me and said "those girls should learn some self respect"Me and Niall got into the pool it was kinda cold I felt myself being picked up it was Niall he put me on his shoulders "put me down its cold" I wined "no were going to the diving boards" he said he then got out of the water with me on his shoulders then we went over to the diving board Niall went on the taller one he was at the edge then he jumped flailing his arms and he let out a high pitched scream I couldn't help but laugh then I saw him come to the surface he said "that wasn't funny" "it was" I replied "we'll see if its funny when its your turn" he said and got out of the water and lunged at me......He grabbed me by my waist and took me onto the diving board a couple of lifeguards were screaming "STOP FOOLING AROUND!" but Niall put me on the diving board anyway when I refused to jump he began to tickle me and I fell I yet out a loud scream and I could hear Niall laughing "I'LL GET YOU HORAN!!!" I screamed before I landed butt first in the water which kinda hurt when I came back up to the surface I saw Niall being escorted out I got out quickly and ran towards him and the lifeguard when we were out Niall screamed at the lifeguard "SURE WE GET IN TROUBLE FOR PLAYING AROUND BUT THEY LET THE WHORES IN PRACTICALLY NAKED!" I was trying so hard to hold my laughter back he was so cute when he was angry....The lifeguard walked away and i burst into laughter Niall said "shut up" but i kept on laughing he got me a threw me over his shoulder "put me down!" I yelled he ignored me so i started patting his butt "stop being naughty" he said i could tell he was blushing "put me down then" i replied sassily he put me down we were in front of my house my parents still weren't home then i felt myself being pushed against the door it was Niall i could feel his breath by my face then his lips pressed against mine....The kiss felt like forever then we broke the kiss "can i stay?" Niall asked "sure" we went into my house and shut the door we went into my room i grabbed clothes so i could take a shower i gave Niall a pair of gym shorts that fit me big and i gave him a towel i went to the bathroom in my room and he went to the one downstairs
*after shower* 
I put the towel around my body and went into my room to change i dried myself and put my underwear on then my shirt as i was about to put my sweat pants on i heard the door open and by instinct i screamed "sorry sorry" i heard Niall say then the door shut i put my sweat pants on and then i told him he could come in "sorry Lauren i didn't know i'm sorry" he said before embracing me "its fine really" i said he broke the hug and i noticed he was shirtless he had a fantastic body at the pool he didn't take his shirt off "why are you looking at me like that?" He asked "like what?" I asked "like your gonna eat me" he replied and we both broke into a storm of laughter.....I laid in my bed and Niall laid beside me we both turned toward each other and starred into each others eyes "i really like you" Niall said and he embraced me i felt so loved because no one has every treated me like this suddenly i feel something wet and warm on my cheek and i realized i was crying my face was buried in Niall's chest i think he felt my tears because he asked "whats wrong?" "Nothing i just really like you too" he gave me a sweet kiss on the forehead and we drifted off to sleep....Me and Niall have now been dating for 10 months and it has been fantastic he gas shown me so much love and tonight he's taking me to dinner to celebrate our 10 month anniversary so I'm gonna get dressed I put on a cute black dress and put my hair in an up-do then I got a call from Niall "hey babe are you ready?" He asked "yea " I said "I'll be right over bye I love you" he said "I love you too" I grabbed my accessories suddenly there was a knock at the door "who is it ?" I questioned "THE COPS" I heard deep sounding voice say I got a bit puzzled and opened the door and say Niall laughing like a maniac I gave him a stern look and said "that's not funny" he just kept on laughing "yea it was you should have seen your face" he said and the look he gave when he tried to mimic me was to funny and I couldn't hold back my laughter finally the laughing died down and Niall took my hand and lead me towards the car we got in and drove to a nice restaurant we ordered our food and we ate then we went to Niall's house we went into his flat and sat on the couch I put my legs across his lap as he took off my heels and rubbed my legs "tonight gas been great but you know what would make it better?" He said "what?" I asked "well I've been thinking and we've been together for a good time and I really love you more than you know and if you want to and only if you want I was wondering if we could take our relationship to the next level" he said he seemed so caring when he asked but I was a little afraid because I've never done anything like that before......I looked at him for a moment I moved my legs off of him and sat up "Niall I'm afraid" I said "please don't be scared I won't hurt you" he replied he pulled me close to him "its Ok if you don't want to we don't have to" he said I still wasn't sure if i wanted to I mean do I? Do I not? Do i ? I'm confusing myself I got
Up and sat on Niall with my legs around him I began to kiss him I had my fingers through his hair I could feel something in his pants was it a!? I'm not sure how to feel about that so I stopped kissing him and sat on the other end of the sofa "What's wrong?" He asked I wasn't sure how to respond so Niall do you have a boner? How in the fuck do I ask that maybe this wasn't a good idea....

You feel his rough hands start to massage your shoulders, telling you in a way to almost calm down.I decide that I'm ready to do this he will be my first so.. I turn around in his arms as his mouth starts to kiss and suck on my neck, trying to find your sweet spot. His hand comes up to start to massage my breasts, his thumb running over my nipples as a shiver runs through your body. I can feel his smirk as he knows that he is pleasuring you. I gasp as he finds my sweet spot on my neck and sucks it hard, surely bruising it, bringing blood to the surface.

He then moves down your body as he licks my nipples once, teasing mecbefore he gets on his knees, pushing you lightly so you are up against the wall of the stairs. He licks one long, slow lick up my slit, stopping at my clit then sucking it into his mouth.My knees start to shake as he plunges two fingers into my tight heat. I can feel myself start to grow close to the edge and so can Niall, so he pulls his fingers out and plunges his tongue in. He moans against me involuntarily, making me scream out his name.

He plays with my clit, rubbing it furiously, pushing me over the edge, cumming hard on Niall’s tongue. He pulls himself up and kisses me furiously, playing with my tongue with his, letting me taste myself. “See how good you taste?” He says as he pulls away from my lips. “That’s all mine.” I go to get down on ,my knees, but Niall stops me. “You had a bad day, this is all about you.” He says, making me smile, but it doesn’t stop me from grabbing him and pumping him a few times. His head hangs back, letting a low groan escape from his throat.

He stops me and turns me around, my face against the wall, he grabs my hips. “You ready?” He says, grunting into my ear, making me more wet. All I can do is nod before he thrusts deep into me. I gasp, trying to get used to his size as he doesn’t give you time to adjust to his size. “God, you’re so tight!” He says as he thrusts faster into me. “You’re just too big!” I say between gasps. “I’m so close Ni, please!” I say before cumming all over him. He groans before emptying himself into me.

“I need to check, on dinner.” I say, trying to catch your breath. He laughs lowly before picking me up and carrying me to the kitchen. He never pulls out of me, but he places me on the counter, close enough to stir the pot of stewed vegetables and meat, making sure that it isn’t burnt. Without warning, Niall starts thrusting again, but this time slower. As a total mood killer, the phone rings and Niall stops momentarily for me to answer.

“Oh hi Mum!” I say, trying to sound as perky as you can, whilst still feeling Niall’s throbbing erection in me. Niall smiles to himself as he thinks that he will have a bit of fun with this. He starts thrusting again, slowly, making me glare at him then close my eyes. I bite my lip, trying to hold back my moans.

“Mmm, that sounds, ah, great M-Mum!” Of course my Mother worries if I'm alright, but I just tell her that I have just stubbed my toe. She buys it, much to Niall’s satisfaction. He starts to thrust faster and faster until he’s doing his best not to moan into the phone, telling my mum to call back when he wasn’t fucking her daughter.

I actually moan, yes moan into the phone and my Mother starts to really freak out, saying that she’ll come over. She thinks that I'm ill, but I tell her that Niall just walked in the door and he’ll take care of you. She accepts it and decides to call back at another time, knowing that Niall is very protective of you. I put the phone back on the hook and turn to Niall glaring at him through lust fogged eyes.

“You, ah, are so, Fuck! Dead!” I say through gritted teeth as Niall’s thrusts get more savage. I kiss his neck and pull his hair, two things that drive him crazy and he groans as he pulls my lips back to his to kiss  me passionately. I then finally decide to push him over the brink of sanity by rolling my hips when his pelvis meets mine.

“Fuck Lauren! I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” Which you did, resulting in Niall rubbing my clit furiously as he came deep inside of me for a second time tonight. Feeling his erection twitch and release in me sent me spiraling over the edge, screaming his name.

The two of us just stay there for a short time whilst we catch our breaths. He tells me to wait here before he runs and grabs two jumpers, returning in his boxers and jumper already. I start to pull away, going to, once again, check on the meal, but Niall stops me and holds me closer to his chest.

“Not yet Princess. You aren’t going anywhere without a kiss.” He says before lightly brushing his lips with mine. I sigh contently into the kiss and run my fingers through his hair. He pulls out of me slowly and I both groan as the feeling of emptiness washes over me.

“I love you Ni.” I say, resulting in his eyes brightening and then softening.

“I love you too Princess.” He says before placing a kiss on my forehead, pulling his jumper over my head and finally releasing me from his grip, making me feel cold and lonely, before turning to the stove to serve up our dinner. I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist. Warmth now spreading back through my body as I once again felt safe and at ease in his arms again.
Jeez Louise Lauren..I felt the feels and now im dead being a Niall's girl doesn't help but you're all invited to my funeral c ya der!!!! :) <3 ~Lianette

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