1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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13. Bri & Ashton

He eats you out because this morning, it's all about you:
I awoke, but not alone. Next to me was Ashton, soundlessly sleeping with tasseled curls messily slopped on top of his head. His lips were pink and were parted, letting snores escape his mouth. His bare muscular arms were wrapped around my waist holding my body close to his.

I layed awake leaning against his chest taking in his breathing and his scent of faint cologne. I picked up my index finger and traced his tattoo on his chest. The letters were Celeste, and the font was elegant. It was followed by a quote that I loved so deeply. “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

"What are you doing baby?" Ashton says raspily while rubbing his eyes with his hands.

"Tracing your tattoo ‘s all," I say huskily. I woke up ten minutes before him but I hadn’t used my voice yet. I licked my lips because they were feeling dry, and a yawn left my mouth as my arms stretched out.

"What do you want to do today?" He says putting his large hand on the excessive curve of my hip. My shirt was exposing it.

"I don’t know, but I am feeling rambunctious right now," I slur inches away from his lips. My bright hazel eyes flickered from his hazel eyes to his pink lips and he did the same. He leaned forward with bed head curls were laying on top of his head as his lips met mine seconds later.

As our lips danced he changed our position, pushing me to lay flat on my back, as his other hand found my other hip. His grip tightened and he pushed down on them holding me to the bed as he slightly circled his hips against my own.

He broke away and just as I was going to pull him back in, he stopped me. I was confused because the lack of communication between us, so I brought my hand to his bulge. He shook his head lightly and I was more confused.

"Right now, it’s all about you baby." He whispered against my lips and my breath hitched. Usually he didn’t turn down a blowjob.

"What would you like?" He asks, peering into my eyes from above me. As he stared into my eyes he removed one of his hands from my hip and caressed my cheek, along with pushing back a piece of hair and tucking it behind my ear. I smiled gently at the gesture, but stayed quiet.

"I know what you want, no need to answer," he says and gently pecks my lips sweetly and uses his hands to readjust himself. He was laying on his back, and motioned for me to come over to him.

"What?" I asked not putting the pieces together. There are certain times where I know where things are going but this is not one of those times, in fact I’m completely lost.

"Sit on my face," he purrs. "But take off your underwear," he instructs, and at first I shake my head, but the more it sinks in, the more I crave it. I bite my lip and swing my bare leg over his body facing the headboard, putting my hands on the wood and setting my knees on the mattress on the sides of his shoulders.

"That’s it, and now let me take it from here," he coos against my more sensitive pair of lips near my core. His soft curls tickle against the sensitive tan skin of my inner thighs as I am sitting on his face. He starts by holding the backside of my thighs incase later on on reaction I try and pull off his face. His hot tongue glides along my core and I shiver, and grip the headboard for support. His lips pull on my soaking lips, as he slowly sucks on them, getting a throaty moan in return. It feels so good, I dip my head down so I am staring at the bed sheets. On instinct, I dig my fingernails into the dark brown wood that accents the bed, and bite my bottom lip a little too harshly, as his tongue behind to flick itself at a rather fast pace, over my clit. I almost feel his lips form somewhat of a smirk, against my core, making me wonder. Does he know how much he is making me squirm? I can hear the pounding of my heart in my chest as he flicks his tongue faster, and I start to feel the familiar sensation overwhelming my entire being, the clenching and straining of my stomach, and I begin to moan uncontrollably, whispering his name, knowing I am close.

I feel one of his hands slap against my bare bottom, and I curse. The sting hurts, but once it sits for a second, I crave for more.

"Ashton, d-do that again," I gasp and move my hips. He hums something against me, making me shiver, and I moan under my breath.

He repeats his action, but more rough this time. I moan much louder this time, cursing with his name. I soon hear him grunt against me, and I roll my eyes back, and then I feel his lips leave my skin.

"Are you ready to ride my tongue?" He growls, placing the tip of his fairly long tongue in my entrance, licking around, making me moan again.

"Yes, fuck. Please-" I start and he pulls his tongue away.

"Tell me what you want," he demands slapping my bum again, making me moan again.

"Please fuck me with your tongue," I panted, feeling butterflies in my stomach as he kisses my core with his lips softly and then separates my lips to shove his tongue in. I start to move my hips on reaction.

His tongue has rhythm as he jams it inside. I feel my stomach start to tighten moments later, and hitch my breath. As soon as that happens, Ashton removes his tongue. I whimper and push myself lightly further onto him for contact.

"Ashton, please lick me-" I start. He removes his lips from me again, making me groan.

"What do you want hm? Would you like me to lick you sweetly and slowly? Or would you like me to lick your clit so fucking fast that you come all over my face?" Ashton slurs, and I swallow hard. I am already almost sweating and my pulse feels as it’s beating a hundred times a minute.

"Lick my clit so fucking fast that I come all over your face," I wonder where all if this rambunctious behavior is coming from, but then I am interrupted and gasp as he sucks at my lips again, and I breathe in heavily. The tip of his tongue finds the most sensitive area and starts to flick it back and forth instantly, making me moan his name repetitively.

His pace quickens, to a pace I didn’t even know was possible. I feel the tightening of my stomach, the wonderful feeling of the build up. I roll my eyes back, flutter my eyelids closed, moan uncontrollably, and curl my toes on the bed sheets. I am seconds away from coming so hard, and he knows it. From this rapid speed, he somehow speeds it up and I am ready to explode. I feel as though I am flying through the air of space while on fire, circulating the universe, in a good way.

"Oh my god, Ashton! Please, ugh. Right there!" I start to raise my voice, and with three more flicks and ten more moans, I come. I squeeze my eyes shut, pushing the headboard against the wall as I push my core down on him, while practically screaming his name.

"Ashton ugh yes fuck me!" I begin to become aware of my surroundings and I move my hips forward and backward as he licks all of the juices I released, and then leaves kisses all over. I raise myself so he can reposition himself and he lays down to the right of where I am. My legs start to shake as I loose my balance and fall onto the bed beside him, collapsing onto his body with one of my arms around him. He kisses my slightly cut lips sweetly before I drift off.

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