1D and 5SOS Dirty and Clean Imagines

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2. Abby & Ashton

She Can Fuck you good but I can Fuck you better

Abby's POV:

"Ugh" I groaned as I walked into Science 
"Abigail why are you late?" Mrs.Collins asked "please find your seat"
"My name is Abby" I simply replied and sat down after listening to her boring lecture she said " Students since this is Life Science you will each be partnering up and I will be choosing your partners and we will try a little experiment on behavior analysis so here are your partners, Calum and Mary, Luke with Amber, Micheal you're with Emily, Ashton you are with Abigail, Marco and Madisyn" Mrs.Collins announced
"My name is Abby" I groaned as Ashton walked up to me
"Obviously... I heard you when you walked through the door" he smiled 'Ohh he has a nice smile' I thought. I've been crushing on Ashton since Kindergarten but obviously he doesn't feel the same I let out a sigh
"So how's this going to work am I staying at yours or are you staying at mine?" he asked 
"It doesn't really matter you live across the street from me" I stated 
"True" he said and then the bell rang oh crap the next class I had was math
"blah blah blah" was all I actually heard as I drew in my sketchpad I was drawing a portrait of Ashton honestly I've loved this boy even though he pulled my pigtails from 1st-5th grade ohh but we were bestfriends we exchanged oreo's and shared gum... those were the days... actually we exchanged oreo's last week soo uhm yeah. I chuckled at my thoughts
"Abby is there something funny?" Mrs.Lucas asked
"No I'm sorry Mrs.Lucas" I said trying not to laugh cause she had 'LAME' written on her forehead in sharpie honestly that's why i'll never be a teacher.
*Skip to end of day*
The last bell rang and I ran outside I put my helmet on and hopped on my motorcycle and sped out of the school parking lot as it started to rain,I don't know why but the compassion that I had towards my bestfriend took the best of me when I saw him walking in the rain.
"Hop on!" I yelled at him
"No I can walk" he said
"Just get on.. oh wait are you scared?" I asked childishly
"No" he said
"Then get on" I shot back
"Fine" he gave in and I handed him a helmet 
"Hold on" I yelled over the engine and I sped home
"Damn Abby really you had to eat all of the red lights" Ashton yelled 
"What I was hungry" I joked and he laughed he actually laughed usually he says "Uhm no"
"Come on let's start on this project" he smiled "But first can I try something?"
"Yea sure" I replied coolly and he kissed me... this can't be real NOBODY pinch me honestly I enjoyed every single moment he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance I gladly accepted... and then I pulled away "Ashton we cant do this you have a girlfriend that loves you"
"You're right Abby I'm sorry" he said
"It;s my fault too you can't just blame yourself I did kiss you back
*Next day in Science*
Ashton walked up to me "I'll see you later right Abby.. but I need to tell you something well...uhm... Sapphire cheated on me
"THAT BITCH!!!" I yelled
"Calm down Abby..." he sighed 
"My house after school meet me in the parking lot" i said and he nodded
*After school*
I drove Ashton to my house when we got there I took out my ice cream and some sappy movies... and I just sat there and listened to Ashton rant on and on about how she was conceded and a bitch obviously I already knew these things but he needed to vent..
*A lot of ice cream and sappy movies later*
"Come on Ashton let's go do something fun we've been watching sappy movies all the damn afternoon" I whined as I looked over to my heartbroken bestfriend as a tear fell down his cheek honestly it was heartbreaking but it had me sexually aroused
I inched closer towards Ashton and laid my head on his shoulder he just shrugged it off and covered himself in my favorite black fluffy blanket. I started thinking and somehow ;) my hand found its way under the covers and into his pants I began to slowly pump his member and he turned and looked at me wide eyed I smirked and began to pump faster I tried everything to pleasure the broken boy next to me as the moans escaped his mouth I began to get wetter and wetter. I stopped took the blanket off of him and all of his clothes undressing him surprisingly fast while taking my own clothes off. Ashton clearly enjoying the little 'session' we were having I began to pleasure him some more I took his member into my mouth and my mouth worked wonders in no time he shot his warm liquids into my throat. I straddled him and lowered myself onto his member Ashton tried to fli us around I shook my head 
"Uh uh I'm going to pleasure you baby" I smirked "Fuck Ash" I moaned riding him with quite a steady pace "Fuck Abby have you always been this good" he moaned
"Can she fuck you this good?" I moaned "Can she fuck you like this?"
"Shit Abby you fuck me better" he grunted louder than you expected and that pushed you both towards your climax and you each rode out each others climax 
"Damn that was good" he said as we both got dressed and we turned our attention back to the movie; My breath hitched as the door opened revealing the boys and Luke looks at me and smirks "I smell sex in the air" he said and all the other boys chuckle in agreement....
The End I hope you liked it Abby :) ~Lianette

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