Find Me.

This story keeps getting deleted and stuff by Movellas for some reason. This app keeps glitching so im so sorry for all the typos and things that don't make sense it this story. I'm still trying to work everything out. I'll post an update chapter to let you know when everything is alright. SORRY!


3. ~Day 1~

August 17, 2014. Sunday.

12 am is when the Season begins.

12 am is also when I'm forced to wake up.

I drag myself out of my bed that I instantly miss. I quickly throw on my torn up jeans and hunting boots, standard clothes that should be worn when searching the base of the neglected Earth's surface.

Since this is my 6th Season, I know where to look and where not to look. Being able to see my results sure helps a lot.

Since I got 62 yards closer, that means Ill keep heading SW for the next 60 days. Hopefully I can try to pin point an area of where the objective is. It would be way more helpful if I knew how close it was. It could be in China for all I know.


5:56 am.

Seeing as I have 60 days, I usually take the first half of the first day as a planning day. I know I'll always have a place to sleep, because the Marrigators were kind enough to set up camps on the dusty terrain. But food is another problem.

I'm not sure if this challenge is supposed to see how long I can survive, or if it's supposed to see how hard ill fight. There are times when I doubt I'll find my objective at all. But, I keep going anyways.

What else am I supposed to do?


I walk out the door of my "house" and pull out my compass. I need to know what way I'll be going before I head 3 miles in the wrong direction. I can't risk anything like that. Again.

Only a few hours into my journey, I hear a loud crack. A abnormally large rock flies down from the hill just to my right. I move out of its path and watch as it tumbled straight toward an old car. I don't know where this rock came from, or why the heck it fell, but it definitely shocked me. Why would a random boulder come tumbling out of nowhere? Nothing is supposed to change.

I decided to investigate.

As I neared the top of the hill where the rock fell from, I noticed that flowers were beginning to bloom. Many things were wrong with that. 1) Flowers don't bloom in the fall. 2) NOTHING IS SUPPOSED TO CHANGE. 3) All plants and animals died out due to The Break. 4) I think I'm going insane. I picked up a flower and put it into my backpack. If it's still there by the time I go to sleep, then I know I'm not insane.

I travel further up the hill until I finally reach the top. At the top, I see something that makes me stop, dead in my tracks.


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