Why!? When!?


1. Chapter One: The Day We Move

Ashley's P.O.V.

Hi I am seventeen years old and well here is my story. I have a step dad he is a drunk and a drug addict he is starting to get abusive to my mom an I hate it so yeah that's my little story you will find out more later on.

"Ashley we are moving we have to get out of here especially you so if Derrick gets home before we are done packing our stuff you dad will take you too the airport from there you will be greeted by one of your cousins when you land but if we make it in time I will be with you to see your cousin" mom said and I was confused.

"I thought all of our cousins lived here in Texas" I said and she sighed forgetting I probably don't know about them.

"You have a lot more family than you think but they live in Ireland except one who lives in England with his bandmates whom you idolise" mom said and my eyes widened.

"What?" I asked not believing it.

"Niall Horan is your cousin he is actually on your dad's side of the family but your dad said that he said it was fine if you and I moved in with them since we are family" mom said shrugging

"That's um awesome?" I asked confused and we started packing all we could and once we finished we left to our flight.

"Oh and your dad is coming with us so it's not awkward" mom said and I smiled as I saw my dad and the three of us boarded the plane and before I knew it we landed and we got off the plane and when we went inside the airport I rubbed my eyes tiredly and my dad took my carry-on.

"You should of slept on the plane" dad told me and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah whatever" I mumbled and we went to baggage claim and got our luggage and waited and I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see the Niall James Horan.

"Hi you must be Ashley Ward" Niall said holding out a hand for me to shake.

"Yup that's me" I said smiling at him a tired smile though.

"Here let me take your luggage for you" he said grabbing my suitcases and we walked out with my mom and dad following us.

"So you didn't sleep on that plane ride at all?" Niall asks me and I shrugged.

"I had a lot on my mind and I just couldn't sleep" I said and rubbed my eyes again and we got in the vehicle Niall driving I'm in the passengers seat and my mom and dad in the backseat.

"So Ashley public school or homeschool?" Dad asks and my eyes widened.

"Home schooled for sure" I said a bit too quickly.

"Why?" Mom asks.

"Because if I was homeschooled I would be able to do more than I could with public school" I said shrugging.

"Like what?" Mom asks.

"Oh you know my chores I could get a job I could cook clean I could baby sit if anyone around needs a baby sitter I mean you know what all I can do and school is just always in my way with how tired I am when I get home from school and another thing I would be free to learn how to drive more often" I said shrugging listing things off as I go.

"Do you honestly think someone would hire someone who is actually still in school?" Mom asks me and I nodded.

"Yeah Um about that Harry Styles one of my band mates had a job in a bakery while he was in school and he is from Cheshire, England" Niall said and I nodded.

"Yeah mom can't I just do what I want to do without you criticizing me every step of the way" I said grumpily yeah I feel bad for everyone now.

"You should of went to sleep on that plane you know how grumpy you get when you don't get sleep" mom scolded.

"Yeah whatever" I said rolling my eyes and Niall parked in front of a huge house more like mansion.

"Here we are" Niall said grabbing my luggage and brought us in the house and showed my parents to their separate rooms then showed me to my huge room it was pink and green and let's just say it look cute my type of room.

"So do you like your room?" Niall asks hopefully.

"Nope" I started bluntly, "I love my room pink and green two of my most favourite colours" I finished grinning and he laughed at my childish behaviour.

"Well glad you love it the lads and I had finished decorating it last night" Niall said and I grinned and hugged him.

"Thanks Niall your the best cousin a gal could ask for" I said as he hugged me back.

"No problem love now unpack and come downstairs when you finish" Niall told me kissing my cheek and leaving my room for me to unpack in peace. Once I finished I did what Niall told me but instead of walking downstairs I danced down the stairs I had my earbuds in so that explains why I am doing crazy things.

"What the hell are you doing?" Niall asks me laughing his ass off.

"Dancing down the stairs to my music" I said and I was already downstairs and me and him went to the living room and I turned off my music and took out my earbuds putting them around my neck.

"So lads this is Ashley my cousin the daughter of them two" Niall said introducing me to them.

"Do you like your room?" Louis asks looking hopeful and I decided to mess with their feelings.

"Nope" I said bluntly and their smiles of hope turns to frowns and Niall hide his smirk.

"I love my room" I said cheerfully and they all let out sighs I relief and my mom gave me a stern look as to where me Niall and my dad burst out laughing at the four boys.

"Wow we just got tricked by someone who we just met" Harry says not believing it himself.

"I know and I'm the king of pranks" Louis said and I laughed and Liam shook his head with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you love" Liam says taking my hand in his and kissing my knuckles like royalty.

"Nice to meet you too" I said and smiled at his gesture Harry came up pulling me into a hug.

"Finally able to meet THE Ashley Ward Niall wouldn't shut up about he was so anxious to meet his cousin he was also so nervous to meet you scared you wouldn't like him for him" Harry says blabbing and I laughed.

"Niall is that true? And tell me the truth" I said sternly and he sighed and nodded.

"Yeah it's true" Niall said ashamed.

"Niall just know right here and right now that I'm not a hater I can't hate on people who really are innocent from what they have been accused of or the fact that people send you hate just because you are you and no one else I can't hate someone like you it's just against my nature" I said to him and he smiled sadly and I sighed shaking my head.

"Just so you all know I'm not fond of haters so you get hate ignore it alright because none of it's true if you think your fat your too skinny if you think your ugly your as sexy as you can be if you think your not good enough just remember you guys are worth the world to me don't take everything those people say about you to heart honestly their just jealous you boys are famous world wide and their not because that's everyone's dream to become famous I mean at one point it was mine but then I grabbed hold of reality and decided to go into something else" I said and they all smiled at me Niall and Louis were a bit upset.

"Now enough of sadness" I hissed covering up my eyes and I heard a chuckle from Liam.

"Now that that's over with it's nice to meet you love" Zayn said hugging me and last but not least Louis came up too me.

"Thank you for that little speech love it's good to finally meet you" Louis whispered to me and I smiled.

"No problem anything for family and family friends" I said smiling at him.

"Speaking of family friends your best friend is going to come visit soon this month" mom told me and I grinned.

"I can't wait till she comes" I said rubbing at my eyes sleepily.

"Love you seem tired why don't you go to bed" Louis said and I laughed.

"That won't ever happen" I said as I heard a sigh from my mom.

"She is the most stubborn girl in the world" my mom says and I smiled and held out a peace sign as I went into the kitchen rummaging through the fridge and got out an apple cutting it up in eight slices and got out some peanut butter and scooped some out onto a paper plate and put the peanut butter up and started eating the snack.

"Sorry but I was starving" I mumbled embarrassedly as my mom sent me a hard stern glare and I rolled my eyes.

"Oh it's fine we don't care I figured you would start getting hungry sometime soon so we aren't gonna say anything" Niall said grinning knowing I have a good appetite and I yawned from how tired I am.

"Go to sleep" Liam said.

"No remember stubborn head over here" I said pointing to me and they all laughed at me then looked at each other.

"Get her" they said in unison and I took off from tree and locked myself in the bathroom and they banged on the door for a while.

"Ashley let us in now" Zayn said banging on the door.

"Nope" I said and sat on the floor and my head leaned back and unexpectedly I fell asleep.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Did she fall asleep in there?" Louis asks.

"I guess so because there isn't any noise in their plus Liam has been trying to get her out of there by talking to her but he gets absolutely no response I wonder what's going on" I mumbled answering him back.

"Me too" Louis said and I smiled and I went up to the door and knocked on the door.

"Love open up and come out we will get you some food" I said and I heard a groan from inside the bathroom.

"Where am I?" Ashley asks and sounds tired but oh my goodness I may be her cousin but her morning voice is SEXY.

"Your in the bathroom love you locked yourself in there on purpose please open up" Louis said and the door hesitantly opened up and Ashley came out.

Louis' P.O.V.

Oh man her morning voice is way too SEXAY I wished she could be mine but Harry of course called DIBs on her I mean seriously there is no DIBs when it comes to girls!

"Louis you alright?" Ashley asks concerned and I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Huh oh yeah I'm fine just peachy" I said smiling down at her and she laughed and shook her head.

"Duff-us come on the boys are downstairs already" Ashley said and I smiled and we walked down the stairs.

"So what were you thinking about that you had such a hard concentrated look on your face?" Ashley asks and I thought it may be her that the girl I like is but I could ask for her advice.

"I need some advice on girls I mean yeah I act like one half the time but I need some advice" I said embarrassed.

"No need to be embarrassed Lou just what do you need advice on?" Ashley asks me and I smiled.

"Okay I like this girl as in like like her and one of my mates likes her too and called DIBs on the girl and I really want this girl to be mine what should I do?" I asked her scared.

"Fight for her tell you mate that there is no DIBs on girls because we girls aren't items you can shag and toss just fight for her until the end who knows she may not like your mate she could like you instead" Ashley said and I noticed her frown but then put on a smile.

"Thanks love your the best" I said hugging her and we went into the living room.

"Took you two long enough" Niall said smirking at us and Ashley rolled her eyes flipping him off as I noticed that the six of us were the only ones in here.

"Ashley how dare you" Zayn joked and Ashley rolled her eyes.

"Whatever" Ashley mumbled as her stomach growled loudly and She looked down embarrassed.

"Someone is hungry" Liam said.

"Make that two people" Niall said grinning.

"Can we go out to eat?" Louis asks.

"Can we go to Nandos?" Niall asks pouting everyone looking at Ashley for a reaction that will go ballistic.

"What? I have heard of Nandos but never tried it considering that's in England and Ireland mostly but I would love to try it" Ashley said and Niall grinned and we all left in their vehicle with Ashley's mom driving instead of me or Liam or Harry.

Ashley's P.O.V.

We arrived at Nandos and we all got out as Niall ran inside the place and I laughed and shook my head as we followed him in not long after he sat down waiting for us and I sat next to him Louis on my right side and the others sat around the table.

"So how may I take your orders?" Our waiter asked and kept looking at me winking every now and then and I would roll my eyes every time he would.

"I'll take a coke" I said just loud enough for him to hear and I was the last one.

"Alright I will just be back with your drinks" he said and walked off.

"He kept winking at you and you just roll your eyes how rude Ashley" mom says and I scoffed.

"I'm not one for flirting intentionally just for the guy to get in the girls pants that's all that was" I hissed silently so the group were the only one to hear and dad smiled proudly at me.

"Well good to know that" dad says to me obviously proud of me.

"Here are your drinks" the waiter said and I noticed a sheet of paper on the bottom of my glass and he walked off and as soon as he did I laughed.

"He actually thinks I'm gonna call him I don't even know his name and he doesn't know mine" I said laughing and crumbled up the sheet of paper and threw the sheet on the table.

"Well are you gonna call?" Liam asks.

"No because he is such a flirt I can not stand it when someone flirts just to get in a girls pants" I said rolling my eyes and Liam and Niall smiled and Louis smiled a bit too happy and Harry frowned and looked down and Zayn smiled proudly.

"Glad to hear that my cousin doesn't go around sleeping with random people" Niall says putting an arm around my shoulders and I leaned into his shoulder hugging him back and I saw that a group of girls noticed him and I groaned and they looked at me confused and pointed to the fan girls as they ran over to us screaming and chanting one direction.

"Oh boy" Liam said.

"We love our fans but they get to crazed sometimes" Zayn groaned as the fans finally got here and they signed autographs and took a couple of photos totally ignoring me but one girl.

"Hi I'm Natalie you must be Ashley Niall's cousin" she said and I looked at Niall and he shrugged and I laughed.

"Yeah that's me why?" I asked frowning a bit thinking I was gonna get hate.

"You are so pretty can I get a picture with you?" She asks and I laughed and nodded.

"Sure anything" I said smiling and I took her phone and we took three pictures together one where we looked like fishes, one where we were making a pouty face the best puppy dog face ever, and the last one we were smiling huge.

"Here let me text them to my phone and give me your twitter" I whispered and she nodded and did so and I received the pictures posting the three on twitter mentioning her in the tweet and followed her and she followed me back.

"Thank you" Natalie said.

"Hey Ashley I'm Angelique and I was wondering since your Niall Horan's cousin do you have a voice on you?" A girl asks.

"Yes she does her singing is like listening to the angels sing" my dad answers for me and I frowned.

"She just doesn't believe it" my dad says again making all the fans look at me some in disbelief and some glaring but smirking as well and I rolled my eyes.

"That's probably because she doesn't know how to sing" a fan laughs evilly and that made me angered I clenched my fists and Niall must have noticed.

"Aww look the poor baby is going to cry" the girl said making my anger rise over my head and it had gotten to me.

"I don't cry bitch and if you wanna keep your slutty little mouth closed then maybe I won't slap your mouth off because there is one thing for sure no one has never seen me cry and no one will ever see me cry so back off bitch" I hissed as my fists were clenched to the point they were pale white.

"And what are you gonna do about it if I don't?" She asks and I was so angry I was about to swing before Niall came in front of me and hugged me and calmed me down.

"Shhh Ashley she is just trying to get to you" Niall cooed and I sighed and hid my face in the crook of his neck and relaxed.

"Thank you Niall" I mumbled and he pulled away.

"I am pretty sure she is an amazing singer whether I heard her sin or not I am pretty sure it does sound like a angel" Natalie says sticking with me and I hugged her.

"Natalie keep my number in your phone call me anytime you want" I said pulling away and she smiled.

"Oh look two sluts hugging how adorable" the girl said and I laughed.

"Yeah whore call us whatever you want but there is one thing we know you are just jealous I am cousins with THE Niall Horan and your not and best friends with the other four members and your not" I said sassily and Natalie snickered and the girl grew even more angry.

"Shut up or else I will-" I cut her off.

"Or else you will what? Slap me? Oh I'm so scared trust me hun I am not scared of anything nothing you say or do will scare me I'm not intrigued by anything all you like to do is bring other people down just to make you feel good about yourself well wanna know something you hurt me you hurt them especially Niall and Hun please if you ever hurt any one of those boys I swear we will have a bigger problem on our hands" I said glaring at her and my nostrils flared.

"Oh and you think I'm scared of you?" She asks.

"You should be she beat someone up ten times her size sweetie haven't you seen her on TV in the ring? For boxing?" A familiar voice says and I turn my head to see my best friend Chelsea and I hugged her immediately.

"Thank you" I mumbled quickly and turned back to the girl who is as white as a ghost.

"Your the girl behind the mask?" The bitch asked me.

"Yup but I wasn't one for boxing I mean yeah it helps me get rid of my anger but I prefer the music than fighting" I said shrugging linking arms with my best friend.

"So did you quit?" Another girl asks.

"No I am just taking a break I have been thinking of quitting because I have been a bit too busy with my life and I'm far from home but I don't care about home it's really not where my heart was really and my heart isn't really in boxing" I said shrugging and the girls faces dropped.

"Don't quit we loved how you would fight all those boys that we absolutely hated" another girl said and I laughed.

"Trust me I think it's best that I quit my manager is a drunk and a drug addict that we left he was turning into an abuser and we had to leave yes if you were wondering my manager was my step dad" I said sadly.

"Don't quit your awesome at fighting and lads don't you think she should sing for us?" A girl asks and the five boys nodded giving the me the puppy dog look.

"Sorry doesn't work on me never has never will" I told them and smiled.

"Why not sing for us?" A girl asks pouting.

"Because I don't sing I don't like singing in front of people I did once but that was a while ago like in the sixth or seventh grade years but I will say this once if you catch me in the middle of singing and I am not paying attention record trust me it is the best way that way because I only sing when no one is around period" I said shrugging and the five smirked at me.

"But be really quiet she knows when a presence is around most of the time" Chelsea warned.

"That's the plus side to boxing my opponent can't hear me when I sneak up on him but I can hear him when he tries to approach me" I said shrugging.

"Yeah she scared us today" Niall said embarrassedly and I grinned and the girls giggled.

"Yeah everyone was looking at Niall when they heard a growl not realizing I was in the living room and they thought it was a ghost I couldn't help but laugh at these idiots" I said grinning as the girls giggled.

"Hey" Harry said pouting.

"Sorry to agree with her but we are idiots half the time" Liam said and I giggled at that.

"Well then you won't be eating tonight" Louis said and I gasped.

"Louis rule number one never say I won't eat tonight I may go crazy tonight when I don't eat well Chelsea you want to explain what happened to you?" I asked and she nodded.

"Well when she doesn't eat dinner she sleep walks and while she does she walks into everyone's room and prank them all do something really horrible so horrible you will be scarred for life and don't bother locking your doors she will just kick them down then she will go eat every food item in the kitchen she won't care about other people eating if that's happened to her" Chelsea said and the five had wide eyes and I nodded.

"So apparently I drew Harry potters glasses and his scar on her face and all over her walls I drew horrible stuff I don't even want to repeat" I said with horror stricken in my face.

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