The Freaks

Skylar Todd is an outcast. Everyone tells her to grow up and act her 21 year old age. She's emo and she believes she should be herself even if others think otherwise. Her mom decides she's had enough of Skylar's emotional breakdowns and sends her to a Rehab facility. Even though she's legally an adult the staff thinks she needs to be there, so she has no choice. When there she can't help but notice another so called freak named Andy Biersack, whenever she turns around he's always there. What will happen?


3. The Hottie With A Plan

   I glance down at my paper and briefly scan over it. I look back up at Andy and he sits there watching me with his blue eyes. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful pair of blue eyes in my life, even though I like brown eyes better. After seeing his blue ones though, I think I prefer them over brown. I look back at the paper and decide to read the first question, even though I know this kid isn't gonna answer me.

"What's your favorite type of music?" I ask.

"Alternative Rock," he says clearly.

   My mouth drops in total shock, I thought this kid didn't talk? I'm stunned, I'm glad he did talk though. He has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, it's so...there's actually no way to describe what it's like. It's just...perfect. 

"You?" He asks.

"S-Same," I stutter.

   He smiles, and I can't prevent my heart from quickening. His smile is just so breathtaking, this boy has to be an angel. Because everything about him is just so flawless and perfect. His voice, his eyes, his hair, his face, his music interests. 

"I t-thought you d-didn't speak?" I stammer.

"Yeah. I haven't spoke because nobody has spoke to me. I'm too shy to start the conversation, I'm not really a people person," he explains.

   I feel my throat urge itself to scream at him to keep talking. I don't care what about, I just want to keep listening to that beautiful voice of his.

"What about the staff, they've spoken to you," I ask.

"Well my life at home is kinda difficult..." He sighs.

   I give him a conflicted look and he glances up, directing me where to look. I look to where he motioned with his eyes and see one of the staff walking past us. I laugh.

"So how's your home...okay the warden's gone," he grins.

   I can't help but grin back, he has to have some kind of mind control powers or something. I decide to reask my question.

"So what about the staff, they speak to you. So why don't you reply to them?" I ask.

"Because they can go screw themselves, they're just acting like their concerned about our well being. Really, they're just counting off the minutes until they can go home," he replies with a sudden flicker of fury in his eyes.

   I frown, he really despises them. He then shakes his head in frustration, making his pitch black hair whip slightly across his face. He suddenly gets a devious smile on his perfect face.

"What?" I ask.

   He frowns slightly. He stares at me as if he's debating whether he should say something or not. I raise my eyebrows.

"Can I trust you?" He asks.

"Ummm...yeah," I answer.

"I've got a plan...and I need a second party," he sighs.

   What the hell is there to plan in this place? Other than...oh no. He smirks, clearly seeing that I've realized what he's talking about.

"How?" I whisper.

"You'll see...we'll talk later," he whispers back.

   I don't see any possible way for that to happen. There's staff everywhere we turn, doors that need card keys to unlock, and security cameras everywhere. But if this hottie has a solution, consider me on board. It's only my first day here and I'm already sick of this place, so I'm more than willing to help.

    I sigh. Feeling really impatient to know his plan, I bite my black painted nails. Why can't he just tell me now? Oh. Because of the staff infested room. All I know is I'm desperate for them to leave, so I just sit back against the wall and get prepared to wait.


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