The Freaks

Skylar Todd is an outcast. Everyone tells her to grow up and act her 21 year old age. She's emo and she believes she should be herself even if others think otherwise. Her mom decides she's had enough of Skylar's emotional breakdowns and sends her to a Rehab facility. Even though she's legally an adult the staff thinks she needs to be there, so she has no choice. When there she can't help but notice another so called freak named Andy Biersack, whenever she turns around he's always there. What will happen?


5. Not Giving In

"Room for two please," Andy says in his deep, sexy voice, instantly turning me on.

   I stare at the hotel employee behind the counter while thinking about all of the mixed messages Andy's been sending me. First he kissed me, and I'm not talking about a peck on the cheek, I'm talking a lip to lip kiss. Now, two hours later, he's only talked and acted friend-like towards me. Never mentioned the sweet kiss again, I'm almost believing that it actually never even happened.

"Here ya go sir. Um...enjoy your stay," she smirks while staring at the both of us.

   I know what she's hinting at, I wish. Damn, he's so sexy, I'd love a night in bed with him. No, I am not a slut, I'm actually a virgin, but he's just THAT good looking.

   He smiles politely and takes the room key from her hand. He nearly gives me a heart attack when he intertwines his fingers with mine, and he pulls me towards the elevator. When the doors slide open he leads me inside and presses the number three button. 

   When the doors shut he pulls me close, making my breath speed up. He moves down to my ear, his lips pressing slightly against it, and his warm breath on my skin.

"You wanna go to a party with me tomorrow?" He whispers seductivley once we're in our room.

   I slowly nod my head and he smirks. He runs his hands down my back, and stops when he reaches my ass, giving it a hard squeeze. He smashes his lips against mine, I respond to this sudden change in socialization. He forces his tongue in my mouth and god damn it feels and tastes amazing, he really knows how to French.

   Wait just one minute. This boy and I only just met this morning and now I'm letting him move up on me? Which will probably end up with me and him banging one another. No. I am not a whore, I'm not giving up my virginity that easily, he needs to work for it.

   I pull away and grab my pajamas that we just recently got from the dollar general and make my way into the bathroom. When I shut the door I look out of the corner of my eye and see Andy pulling a condom out of his bag, I don't know what the hell he's gonna be using it for. Certainly not on me, not this soon.

   When I'm dressed I walk out of the bathroom and am shocked at what I see in the room, it turns me on to an astronomical length.

   Andy is lying on the bed watching some television show with his hands relaxed behind his head. He is naked, and I mean completely naked. My eyes, without any warning, droop down to the area between his legs, and I nearly have a heart attack.

   This muther fucker is seven inches long and so sexy. I turn away, knowing I can't give in to him just yet. We need to wait.

"You like what you see?" He grins.

"Yes, but not now," I sigh.

   He gives me a conflicted look, asking why I don't want it now. My only answer is a slight shrug and I plop down on the other bed, the one that doesn't have a sexy, naked emo boy wanting me to fuck his brains out.

   I bury myself under the covers and a few minutes later I feel Andy climb in my bed with me. I jerk back, thinking about him being naked. But when I open my eyes he's dressed in a pair of long black pajama pants and a grey Anthem Made shirt. He frowns.

"At least let me sleep in the same bed with you tonight," he says.

   I sigh, what could sleeping together hurt? So I roll back over and he wraps his arms around me. I bury my face in his shirt and he muffles his face in my hair. I drift to sleep quite comfortably.

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