SINNER [h.s]

“What if evil doesn't really exist? What if evil is something dreamed up by man, and there is nothing to struggle against except out own limitations? The constant battle between our will, our desires, and our choices?”


2. 2


3 years later...

Aurora Rose

I had thought maybe since i had threw out the ouija board, everything would go back to normal but what a lie that was. Everything seemed to have gotten worse and creepy , especially for me! It made no sense.

After all these years i've been seeing him in my dreams, on the streets , at school. Anywhere i go , he went . It was almost like he was following me. He was following me. Every time i asked Jess or Nat about it they looked at me like i had 6 heads or something .

 I had gotten a job at a local cafe that pays pretty good money for a place that is nearly empty 24/7 . But tonight was a pretty busy night , nothing was happening today and if there was i never got the memo.

I adjusted the name tag on my shirt and continued making coffee's for the very annoying and thirsty customers that kept throwing jokes about something that i paid absolutely no attention to. It was like this all day .

Until midnight rolled around , and because we were a cafe/diner , we were open all day and all night . even though barely anyone came in around this time , except for a boy. A very tall boy to be exact . His hair was always tucked under a black beanie and his arms were hid in sweaters.

He ordered the same thing for the past 3 and a half weeks which was a plain cup of this gross coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. but tonight was different , tonight he was more in the mood for some french fries and a slice of cake which i happily gave to him .

Sometimes i would look over at him just so i can just catch a glimpse of his face because somewhere in the back of my mind told me that there was something about him that was familiar to me.

I just couldnt catch it.

"Um excuse me?" a deep voice brought me out of my thoughts as i turned to the man who caught my attention . "uh yeah can i help you with something?" i said a little off guard by the intensity of his eyes .

"Yeah i was uh , just wondering..if we could talk ?"

Talk ? about what ? what is there to possibly talk about with him ? i dont even know him or do i ? did he go to my school ?

"uh yeah sure." i followed him to where he sat in the corner , sitting across from him and crossing my hands in my lap as i watched as he twiddled his fingers around one another . When he looked up . he immediately looked at my name tag . " Your name is Aurora ? "

I nodded as he let out a small chuckle and shook his head as he couldnt help to ask "Like the princess?" i smiled as i nodded my head . His eyes traveled up a little more , stopping at the space  in-between my breast.

My cross necklace.


His eyes turned from a shade of green to a golden yellow in a flash as his jaw clenched and un-clenched . His smirk fading away quickly as he avoiding my stare . "D-Does my necklace bother you ?"

He didnt look at me but shook his head 'no' . I reached up to the clasp and unclipped it from my neck laying it on the table , making sure it made a small noise from the metal-to-metal contact. His lifted his head to look at me and just when i thought it couldnt get any better .It was him.



He smirked as his eyes turned a jet black . "Hello Aurora ....did you miss me ?"

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