Knowing you're going to die is hard, especially when there is not point of living. Well this exactly of what Arthur is experiencing...


1. The Snowflake touched the Grounded

I look outside the window. I could make out the beautiful flowers that bloomed last spring, which grew on the green grass that had been burnt last summer, now blanketed with orange-brown leaves that fell from the trees last autumn. Suddenly, a small figure wrecks the whole magnificent view. It touches the ground, making a small satisfying crunch on top of the leaves. A pure white snowflake…

I've tried to avoid thinking about this the whole week. My heart tells me to wake up from this nightmare but my brain tells me that this is reality. My body feels paralysed as I start to process this in my head. No no no, this can’t be happening I scream in my head. The doctors told me that on the first week of winter, I’ll die of bowel cancer.

I've grown old but never had a chance to have a wife and children. I was the only child in the family, my parents were murdered when I just graduated high school and I've been unemployed all my life, and live on pensions. My only friend I have is Maggie. She has been with me through everything I've gone through. She is like my daughter. Every day, I would always go to church to help in the community with Maggie. Even though I live on pensions, I still donate money to people who are less fortunate than me.

I suddenly think to myself, why did God give me this life? As I look at my face reflected from the window, I see a perfect tear running down my wrinkled face as I think about death.

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